How to get the Best Bangs Ever

Are you ready to switch up your look for fall? Do you find yourself having a girl crush on Zooey Deschanel and her adorable bangs? Are you craving a real change that will completely transform your look?

If so, you’re probably tempted to make the switch to bangs. While bangs are simple (and cute) way to completely change your look, bangs take a lot of commitment! Trust me.

While I was extremely nervous to take the plunge and get bangs, I’m so happy I made this change. In fact, I get compliments on my bangs all of the time. I’ve had bangs for about a year now and I LOVE them.

If you’re serious about getting bangs, here are five tips to keep in mind before making the big bang commitment.

1. Try faux bangs first.

faux bangs If you’re nervous to make this big change, you can test drive this new look by purchasing bang clip-ins! Remember this golden rule: when in doubt, always try a faux style first!

2. Determine the perfect bang style for your face shape.

Bangs have been around for decades. The 70s inspired women to do the side-swept feathered bang (think Farrah Fawcett). In the 80s, punk rock bangs were all the rage. The 90s rolled around and everyone was convinced blunt and choppy brow-skimming bangs were the hairstyle of choice! In the 2000s, we stepped up our game with the side-sweeping bang. Today, we’re seeing woman experiment with all sorts of bang styles. Before you pick which bang style is right for you, ask your stylist for any tips and advice about the bang style that matches your face shape, style, and hair habits.

3. Be committed to regular trims.

I prefer to keep my bangs longer and thick, which requires me to get trims every 3 to 4 weeks. Thankfully, my stylist offers free bang trims (yet another reason why I love my stylist). I return the favor by surprising her with Starbucks or leaving a nice tip to show her that I appreciate her talent (and the free bang trims).

4. Set your alarm clock at least 30 minutes earlier.

Say goodbye to the days when you could wake up and run out the door. Bang hair care is no joke! You’ll need extra time to get ready and style your new bangs. Remember, we’ve ALL seen bad bangs…don’t make the list of bad bangs for this year! Style them, add fabulous product to them, and treat with them great care (every single day and night).

5. Take great care of your skin.

Do you have a skin care routine mastered yet? If not, now is the time to start- especially if you have an oily complexion like me. Thankfully, living with bangs for nearly a year has taught me a few tricks about how to maintain beautiful bangs with oily skin – read my five tips here!

So, do you still want to get bangs?

I sure hope so! Be sure to send us your bang transformation pictures so we can share them with our followers on Twitter, Instragram, and Facebook.

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