Elegant Updo for Wedding, Prom, Homecoming – Emma Watson’s Updo

Elegant Updo for Wedding, Prom, Homecoming - Emma Watson's Updo

Swept back to display Emma’s beautiful, brown eyes, long lashes and well-shaped eyebrows, this fabulous hairstyle is a great example of less is more!

Emma’s medium-long hair has a short off-centre parting alongside her natural ‘widow’s peak’ hairline.  The top is back-combed from just in front of the crown to give volume and an attractive bouffant shape to the head.  The sides are brushed back loosely over the ears, allowing a little natural volume to keep the look relaxed and not too controlled.

And highlighting Emma’s creamy complexion, a few glossy dark-brown strands are pulled down to soften the line around the sides and nape of the neck.  This contemporary, formal-casual hairstyle is the epitome of simple elegance and suits a wide range of ages, too! A perfect updo for homecoming, wedding and prom night!

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