Fabulous A-line Bob Haircut for Women Age Under 30

With the rise of the ‘selfie’ everyone can share their favorite long, medium or short haircut with the world. This gal looks very happy with her perfectly styled medium-short hairstyle and you have to admit the amount of bouffant puff achieved at the back is pretty impressive!

The current hot haircut is this amazing A-line asymmetrical bob that’s stacked-cut at the back to help build-in natural volume, helped along with some very well-covered back-combing. The neat line at the nape is graduated steeply towards the chin on both sides and the 2015 touch to this retro-1960’s haircut is the disconnected longer layers draped down to the collar-bone at the front.

Teamed with a deep side-parting and a section of hair falling casually over one side of the face, this is a very chic new look that’s sweeping through the long-haired lasses like a scythe through grass! I predict this smooth and stylish bob haircut will be eagerly taken up by our fave celebrities on the red-carpets this year!

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