22 Best Cool Haircuts for Men – The FauxHawk Cuts

Faux hawks aren’t just for punk rockers anymore; in fact, you can create a faux hawk hairstyle that’s professional, polished, and downright sexy. You’re sure to find a faux hawk hair design you love on this list, all of which are super trendy and cool.

Go for a carefree, tousled faux hawk with extra length on top, or keep it simple with an extra short faux hawk with a cool designed fade. There’s tons of different styles to choose from!

Short Tousled Faux Hawk

Just a little bit of height up top, shorter sides, and a some tousling: it’s the look that gives other’s a sense that you’re a cool, casual guy with a funny and delightful personality- while also happening to look like a drop-dead sexy model. The best of both worlds? Absolutely. Perfect for the laid back dude that doesn’t want to try too hard to look awesome.

Shaved Sides, Full Faux Hawk

Shaving down your sides and leaving the bulk of your hair up top gives you a flatter faux hawk that’s full and flattering. Great for rounder faces as this will create an elongated appearance.

Polished Faux Hawk with Fade

Calling all Calvin Klein models! If your wish is to step out looking like a gorgeous male model, your wish is granted with this faux hawk hairstyle. The sides are crisp with a perfect fade, while the lengthier strands up top are styled perfectly into a tall, polished faux hawk. Dreamy? Yes.

Shaved & Short

Keep it casual! If you want a ‘do that’s ready the moment you open your eyes, this is it. Complete ease of styling here- no equipment necessary. Shave down the sides and keep the top extra short; simple.

Shaved with Natural Texture

With natural curls like these, you want to make them the center of attention. Shave down the sides and keep a little length on top from front to back for a very sexy, natural appeal.

Full Faux Hawk

You don’t have to shave down your sides to rock a faux hawk. When you have thick, lustrous hair like this, you can keep a little length for a very handsome look. Simply use some gel to style some of your lengthier pieces up into a faux hawk design, but not too high!

Designed Fade with Short Faux Hawk

Standing out from the crowd of fades can be quite a challenge, but you can always resort to awesome fade designs! His simple design on the top of the crown is simplicity at its best, with just a fine amount of detail setting his fade apart from the rest. Cool!

Casual Faux Hawk with Shaved Sides

Younger guys who don’t want anything fancy but wish to maintain they’re cool look can do a faux hawk like this. He simply shaves down the sides and nape of his neck, leaving the rest of his hair alone to create that faux hawk look. No styling, no gel; just get up and go.

Classic Faux Hawk with Beard

This is the classic faux hawk hairstyle: lengthy pieces up top formed into a mohawk shape while the sides are short and combed down. Follow up with this on-trend hairstyle with a ferocious, manly beard.


Lengthy Styled Faux Hawk All the Way Back

A lot of faux hawk hairstyles will end at the top of the head, but the unique thing about this ‘do is the hair flows all the way down the middle to the nape of the neck. There’s tons of length left up front, which means pull out your product and style it up into a sexy flip. Keep facial hair to a minimal for a very sexy, clean finish.

One-Length Faux Hawk

Want to create a very sleek design? Then make sure all your strands are the same height on top. This ‘flat’ design ensures your hair looks completely clean and stylish, a great choice for longer faces who don’t want too much length.

Wispy Faux Hawk

Even thin hair can rock a faux hawk; in fact, it’s a great way to create an illusion of bulk. Fade the sides and keep some pieces on top. Gently style it- but don’t go too crazy with the gel. Just tousle it up a bit for a carefree finish!


Clean Shaven Short Faux Hawk with Height Up Front

His look is so incredibly clean from front to back, it’s almost unbelievable. To create a very sexy and polished hairstyle such as this, shave your sides to a clean fade, and just leave a little bit of height on top. Style it forwards so there’s more height near the front, and finish off with strategically shaved facial hair.

Long Faux Hawk with Designed Fade

Long hair don’t care! Long hair is super sexy and looks great on a lot of men out there, so if you’re daring enough to try on some lengthier locks, then consider a sexy faux hawk like this. Leave the length, but shave down your sides. Be extra BOLD with a sleek design in your fade as well.

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