21 Trendy Short Haircuts for African American Women

20 Pixie Haircuts for Your New Style

Short haircuts are one of the most popular hairstyles right now!  Our love affair with short styles continues unabated, because talented stylists design exciting twists on the pixie-cut for each new season.  This gallery shows that curly pixie cuts can be edgy and trend-setting, and straight short styles can be feminine and face-flattering! 

So no stereotypes among these fabulous ‘fusion’ pixies, including ash-blonde, hazelnut, plum, lavender, purple and peacock-blue color ideas for your most fashionable new styles!

Cute mini-quiff & wavy profile on short curls

This pretty pixie cut is the ultimate, easy-care, hairstyle with a feminine vibe.  The short back and sides are full of texture beneath lively, bubble curls on top styled into a tiny, trendy quiff at the front.  The extra-special touch comes from the cute, waved hairline framing the face and creating a super, soft profile line!

Streamlined tight curls faux-hawk – Short curly haircut for black women

The advantage of having tightly curled hair is that you can sculpt it into geometric shapes with lots of edgy style!  This tapered quiff adds height over the forehead, emphasizing this model’s high forehead and flawless complexion.  Shaved sides with a cute, straight line detail complete a modern and easy-care look for natural hair.

Stunning shimmering-gold asymmetrical cut for long faces

This high-fashion angled bob is the perfect shape to flatter a long face.  The extra-deep side parting and heavy side-swept bangs ‘cut’ the length of a long face with a shaggy, diagonal line, making it appear more balanced!  Add in the fantastic blend of white-gold and caramel colors and you’ve got a stunning new look!

Flirty layer-on-layer pin-curls in ravishing red for black women

Red is a sexy color in itself, but styled into these lovely pin-curls around the head creates a doubly-attractive hairstyle!  The back and sides of this seductive style are short and cut into the nape, with the high-fashion cap of curls on top accentuating the model’s feminine allure! Heavy bangs cover the brow and create a focal point on those flirty eyes!

Stunning purple & peacock-blue waves

If you’re going ‘all-out’ for a super-trendy look, here’s a brilliant new color scheme.  Olive and darker skin-tones look super against intense colors such as this rich purple and peacock-blue hair color idea.  This profile shows how height around the crown beautifully balances the model’s well-defined chin, and cute, wavy side-points soften the line.

Simplicity focuses on your best features – short pixie haircut for African American Women

This model has very attractive eyes and eye-brows, so a straight pixie with short bangs and close-cut side points ensures they are perfectly framed!  The model has a square jaw, so rounded-arch bangs echo and emphasize the pretty oval shape of her chin, drawing attention away from the angled jawline.  Suits square, diamond, oval, round and heart faces.

Edgy contrasts on lavender-silver-blonde trend-setter

Here’s how a talented stylist can throw several different trends into the mix and come up with a uniquely attractive new look!  One side has an unusually fine side point and fabulously ‘ruffled’ texture on top moving forward to short bangs.  The other side has a strongly contrasting, basin-cut and shaved section.  The ideas are all beautifully united by the gorgeous, silver, purple and lavender color!

Elegant ebony-smooth cut with high wave for African American Women

With its deep side-part and strong, smooth lines this pixie is a shorter version of the popular angled bob cut.  Hair is styled forwards from the crown in a fabulous high wave that sweeps down to bangs draped sexily over one eye.  The height, geometric slant and smooth finish make this a great style for round faces and one of my all-time favorites, too!

Fab fusion look as geometric lines meet curls

Here’s another fab fusion short hair idea with a bubble-curl top contrasted by a precisely cut short-back-and-sides!  The profile has a short line etched in the clipped hair, above a sharp side-point that emphasizes the model’s cheek-bones.  Suits round, oval and heart faces.

Bubbly hazel-nut curls for a lively youthful look

Hazelnut-blonde on relaxed short curls is a wonderful way to soften your look and complement a warm skin-tone.  Tapered into the nape and sides with lovely pin-curls creates pretty, wavy texture.  And with plenty of volume on top and an attractive rounded profile, this easy-style pixie cut is bursting with life!

Jazzy jet-black cut with ridged texture & choppy bangs – short boycut for African American Women

This model’s shiny, black hair is cut into lots of layers with short bangs and pretty side points framing her lovely eyes and eyebrows.  There’s a very modern twist in the uneven, slightly choppy line of the bangs, and the rippled wave texture at the sides.  This style suits round, oval and heart faces and fine/medium hair.

Chic windswept pixie with long quiff

For an elegant daily hairstyle, that’s also a sophisticated look for evening wear, try this tousled style.  The circle of short clipped hair around the head is topped-off by long layers styled forwards from the back.  The result is high-volume, wavy texture with a touch of trendy, copper balayage, extending over the forehead in a fabulous windswept quiff!

Adorable tight-curl pixie in trendy ash-blonde for African American Women

Tight, blonde curls in a cute, pixie cut are always very soft and appealing.  And this beautifully shaped pixie in contemporary ash-blonde is a high-fashion look this season!  Ash-brown roots keep it edgy and there’s attractive wavy texture in the darker sides and short-points, showing off the trend for multiple ear-piercings!

Super side-swept bangs to flatter heart faces

If you have a wide forehead and a narrow chin in the classic heart-face shape, this is one of the best pixie styles to choose.  The deep side-parting adds asymmetry and, swept across in trendy bangs, it’s the perfect way to cover a wide forehead.  Longer side points complete a flattering face frame focused on the eyes!

 Trendy high curls lengthen round faces

This high, narrow outline creates an edgy vibe, which showcases the attractive oval of the model’s hairline.  The temples are buzzed close to the head beneath an etched, straight line that contrasts with the soft, curly texture above! Suits round and oval faces and is perfect for adding height to a low forehead.

Soft & silky curvy cut with bangs to accentuate face piercings

If you’re a fan of face piercings, remember that a simple hairstyle is the best background for fashion jewelry.  This model has judged the look perfectly, choosing a simple cut with a blurred side-parting and softly, curved bangs accentuating her lovely eyes.  The overall image is an intriguing mix of well-groomed simplicity and trendy individuality!

Flattering plum-red pixie with a hint of purple balayage

Here’s a view from the longer side of an asymmetrical, short pixie with deep side-parting.  The long layers can be tousled or smoothly styled and long bangs focus attention on the eyes.  The tousled finish shows light reflecting off the rich plum color, and dainty purple balayage adds a totally contemporary twist!

Trendy & natural mini-spiral curls for volume

This model’s rich, deep red-brown hair is styled into an attractive rounded outline ending in a fabulous quiff over the forehead.  The tiny ringlets create lots of amazing volume and texture on hair pinned back at the sides for an open profile.  With casual spirals for side-points,  it’s the perfect way to show off fashionable ear-rings, too!

Sassy square-top pixie with pretty bangs

High cheekbones and round spectacles ensure this flat-top pixie is balanced out with plenty of curvy lines.  Hair is styled forward from the crown in tousled layers, which change direction abruptly to become curved bangs facing the center.  Buzzed sides add even more contrasting texture in a trendy style for oval, heart and long faces.

Vintage glamor head waves in soft medium blonde

Today’s final pixie cut is a fabulously eye-catching blonde look inspired by the vintage head-waves of the 1930’s.  These flattering waves are never really out of fashion, as they always look cute and stylish.  The dual-blonde shades in flattering medium-blonde add lots of 3-D depth to a beautifully contoured hairstyle!

These hairstyles show that natural black hair isn’t a problem, it’s all of the perm chemicals and straighteners we use to change it that are the problem! LOL!  Why not let these highly fashionable pixie-cuts inspire you to get a modern, new style that ‘goes with the flow’ of your hair type and face shape and you’ll look great – (not to mention saving time and money at the same time!)

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