Get Chatty: the Top Stylist Consultation Questions

As any stylist knows, the initial consultation is important. It’s the only way to be sure you’re 100% on the same page as your client. But where do you start? Especially when you have a quiet client? Here’s some stylist consultation questions to make the process go smoothly.

Getting started: Start your appointment on the right foot by making your client feel comfortable. Offer to take her coat and ask if she’d like a drink and a magazine. From there, ask open ended questions about what she’s looking for. Show your client that you are listening. She can tell you what she wants all day, but it won’t matter unless you are tuned in to what she’s really saying. Ask follow up questions to make the consultation flow as a conversation, rather than an interview.

Questions to ask: We asked stylist Morgan Elizabeth how she connects with clients during a consultation. Here are the top 7 things Morgan likes to discuss as soon as a client sits in her chair.

1. Tell me about your current hair routine.

2. How much time do you like to spend on your hair each morning? Is that realistic for your every day routine?

3. What do you not like about your hair? What isn’t working with your current style?

4. What do you want your hair to be able to do?

5. Which celebrity hairstyle are you coveting? Why?

6. What product lines have you used in the past? Which do you like?

7. How many products do you usually use? Would you like to increase or decrease this number?

More to consider: Respect your clients wishes. If you think she’s way off with the cut or color she’s chosen, offer another suggestion. Be gentle and considerate with your suggestions and responses. Explain how hair type/texture, face shape, and skin tone are all important things to consider when improving a hairstyle. Hopefully the client appreciates your advice and trusts your expertise!

So stylists, which questions do you ask during a consultation?

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