How Music Can Affect Your Salon (with Playlist)

Nothing fuels the day like some great tunes. Throwing together an iTunes playlists of your favorite picks may make your day, but if you’re broadcasting to your salon, it could be getting in the way of profits. Here’s what you need to know before you play DJ:

Music can make people spend

Studies have proven that music can keep people in stores and spend more money. Just as fast songs make you want to dance, they make customers want to move–possibly right out of your salon. While you’re not just a retail store, it’s important to consider putting slower beats into the mix, especially near those displays of Paul Mitchell Hair Sculpting Lotion. Classical music has also proven to get people to spend increased amounts of money on purchases–always a plus–but it’s a tricky genre to play. Many associate classical music with high brow tastes, which could turn people off. Make sure your salon is the right aesthetic–high end, sophisticated, classic–before you break out the Beethoven.

Music is regional

Musical tastes also vary by area, so keep in mind the popular artists and genres of your city and state. And different artists might be considered different genres depending on location, as well. Urban and edgy, for example, might be one thing in NYC and a totally different thing in Houston. Hometown artists are likely to win over crowds, as well.

Music is a design element

Music–just like paint colors and furniture–adds a sensory design element to a space. Playing what you like could throw the vibe of your salon off… like, say if you’re into Coltrane but your salon space screams industrial chic. In order to make appropriate music picks, go back to your original marketing and design concepts of who your customer is and what your brand represents. Also chat with customers about what artists they love to get a feel for the breadth of tastes.

Music makes people happy

Of course it’s no secret particular tunes are instant mood boosters, but sometimes the mere presence of music keeps people more content. Always have music playing in the waiting area to delight those waiting to be seen or waiting for another guest. It’s also been shown that businesses that use music while putting people on hold are more likely to keep people occupied, cutting down the number of hang-ups.

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