3 Best Beauty Gifts for Your Hair Stylist

There’s nothing wrong with showing your hairdresser how much you care, especially if you’ve been acquiring their beauty services all year. With that said, here are three gifts that will allow you to give beauty back to your stylist.

Gift Your Hair Stylist: Perfume Sampler Set

This Bond No. 9 gift set is available at Nordstrom. This Bond No. 9 gift set is available at Nordstrom.
Opting to give a sampler set over one fragrance bottle is a wonderful option, especially if you aren’t sure what type of scents your stylist really likes. This is also a great gift for someone who enjoys variety, maybe smelling light and flowery one day and then embracing a piney musk the next. Also, many samplers come in cute carrying cases, so you’re giving the bang for your buck.

Gift Your Hair Stylist: Cosmetics Travel Bag

This darling makeup bag is from C Wonder… and you can have it monogrammed! This darling makeup bag is from C Wonder. It comes in several sizes and you can have it monogrammed!

Many stylists will meet you wherever you are, whether you are backstage in a dressing room, or at home getting ready for your cousin’s wedding. This is why a travel bag for beauty products, tools and makeup would make the perfect gift. If you cannot find a cosmetics organizer that is big enough for hair products, a weekend bag or a small suitcase is a viable option.

Keep in mind that your stylist most likely already owns a bag he or she keeps all of their hair supplies in, so try to get them something even more portable and stylish, even if the travel bag is not traditionally for hair and makeup products. Try to match the travel bag with their personal taste as a stylist. Also, focus on finding one that’s large enough for their personal belongings and their working tools as well.

Gift Your Hair Stylist: A Day at The Spa

Everyone deserves a little pampering, and your stylist is no different. Treat them to a spa day so they can be the one “in the chair” for a change. Massages, pedicures, and manicures are usually included in a spa day service, but these services make great gifts individually. You can also give them a gift certificate to a salon (different than the one they work for) so they can pick and choose the services they want.

Another option is to make your own “spa day package” and include some of your favorite beauty products. Luxurious shampoos like Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Special Shampoo and beauty basics like primer and lip gloss are the perfect candidates for a huge gift basket full of “spa day” goodies. You can also include a towel, a hair cap and some flip-flops–they may not be too glamorous, but they are still spa day essentials.

You know the famous saying, “treat yourself the way you want to be treated?” Gifts are no exception. If you see something and you love it, odds are your stylist will love it, too. It’s fair to say that anyone in the beauty industry loves beauty products, so be creative with your giving and remember that it’s the thought that counts!

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