7 Rules From Stylists to Stop Ignoring

Picture this scenario: You’re at the salon, and your stylist reminds you (for the 15th time) that you really need to schedule more regular trims, stop using heated tools every day or add a deep-conditioning product to your weekly hair routine. You nod and smile, promising to do what she or he suggests.

Then you promptly leave after your appointment and forget every word they just said.

You wouldn’t just ignore your doctor’s advice, would you? Of course not! Stylists are no different. Hairstylists paid for an education so they can equip clients (aka you) with hair knowledge that leads them to their best looking, healthiest hair.

It’s vital to your hair health that you stop ignoring your stylist’s advice and respect them for the experts they are, specifically on these seven topics:

1. You need trims every 6-8 weeks

This is not a ploy to get you in the salon more often. After six weeks, most hair types begin to suffer from breakage. The more breakage, the more your stylist needs to cut off at your next visit. Read this blog about the necessity of getting trims if you’re still weary.

2. Regular trims will make your hair grow faster

Like we said, the more breakage, the more the stylist has to cut off. Plus, breakage in itself means your hair is literally ripping off at the bottom. This means, after a point, hair is so damaged it doesn’t get longer, but instead is sitting in your hairbrush and in your sink.

Regular trims allow your hair to grow freely and healthfully without your stylist having to lop off a bunch of inches each trip.

3. Professional product works better

Suave and Sebastian have nothing in common besides the first letter of their name. There are many reasons professional products are superior, but we’ll stick to one for now. (You can ask your stylist about the rest.)

Mainly, think about what your hair looks like when you leave the salon. Yes, it can be attributed to that fresh cut you just got. However, a cut doesn’t give your tresses sleek shine; the product your hairstylist uses does. Professional products are specifically formulated for specific hair types and issues and use higher-quality ingredients than drugstore brands. Make the investment in salon products, and you’ll be much more able to recreate the look your stylist gave you at home.

4. Box color is not as good as salon color

This one, for some reason, always causes a fight. If box color was of the same quality of salon color, you wouldn’t have to redo it so often! Plus, box color is made on a “one size fits all” basis, whereas your stylist will craft a custom formula to keep your hair looking fierce longer. Read this blog for the main differences between the two.

5. Skipping wash days really is good for your hair

Stylists aren’t against washing your hair. However, they are for preserving its natural oils. In particular, shampooing daily strips your hair of sebum, which is what keeps your hair shiny. But don’t just take our word for it: Try skipping a wash day or two, and see the results for yourself. Your hair will thank you.

6. All styles might not work for you

We’ve all been there: You take a photo to a salon you’re in love with, only to be shot down by your stylist. Does it mean they don’t like the style? NO. It just means they know your hair better than you do. They know how different textures and levels of thickness take certain cuts. Trust their opinion! Most unhappy cuts come from a client who ignored their stylist’s advice.

7. Find a salon and stylist to call home

We can’t say this enough. Stylist hopping is never a good thing, for you or your stylist. Instead, find a stylist you love. They’ll come to know your hair like it’s their own. They’ll know your likes and dislikes, which means they can serve you better and make you happier with your style than a random stylist can. You’re also more likely to get the perks of a long-standing relationship, from hair rewards programs to free samples to complementary bang trims.

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