How To Choose The Right Hair Layers For Your Face Shape

As the weather gets warmer, it’s the perfect time to lighten up your hair. I’m not talking adding in some highlights – I mean physically lightening the weight of your locks by adding hair layers.

Before you go chopping off some length, consider this: Certain layered styles work better than others – it just depends on your face shape. Check out this guide to help you choose the right layers for your face shape, then consult your stylist to make the look reality.

Square Face Shapes

Do you have a broad forehead and a defined jaw? Then you most likely have a square face shape. Celebs like Glee’s Lea Michelle and fashion-forward Nicole Richie also fall under this category. To compliment this shape, you’ll want to find a layered style that softens your jaw line.

Layers to Try

It doesn’t matter how long your hair is – you can still add in some layers! If you have short hair, try an asymmetrical cut with tons of spiky layers. Remember: the edgier, the better. For medium to long hair, wispy layers that fall right at the jaw line will add plenty of femininity to your look. Tons of dramatic long layers with big, bold curls can also look great.

Layers to Avoid

Luckily, square-faced ladies don’t really need to avoid any type of layers. Square faces don’t do well with all-one-length bob-type hairstyles, so softening up your square jaw with any type of layers will just about always do the trick.

Product Guide

To accentuate short layers, style your hair with OSiS Rough Rubber for all-day hold. Keep longer layers shiny and healthy with Bonacure Oil Potion, a liquid oil spray conditioner.

Oval Face Shapes

If you have an oval face shape, you’re in luck. This shape is thought to be the most desirable face shape simply because it works with so many different hairstyles (think Jessica Alba or Beyonce). If your forehead to chin ratio is much bigger than your cheek to cheek ratio, you fall into this category.

Layers to Try

Most layered styles look great on oval-faced people. You can sport long layers, choppy layers or even blunt-cut ones. You have tons of options!

Layers to Avoid

The only layered style you’ll want to avoid are super short layers. When your layers are too short, they can actually accentuate your face shape and make it look longer than it really is.

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Work some OSiS 4-Play Texture Moulding Paste through dry locks before styling to give your layers extra dimension and definition. Play them up as much as possible!

Round Face Shapes

For round face shapes (like Kirsten Dunst and Drew Barrymore), layers are especially gorgeous. How can you tell if you fall under this category? Take a look in the mirror. If you have fuller cheeks with a narrower forehead and jaw line, then chances are, you’ve got a round face.

Layers to Try

For round faces, long layers are the ideal choice. These layers work well with medium and long hair lengths and can help elongate your face.

Layers to Avoid

Round faces should definitely avoid chin-length layers. These layers aren’t flattering for round face shapes as they can actually make your face look rounder by accentuating your cheekbones.

Product Guide

Keep your long layers smooth and shiny with Bonacure Hairtherapy Smooth Shine Conditioner.

Heart Face Shapes

The most notable example of a heart shaped face is Reese Witherspoon. She has a wider forehead, (gorgeous!) high cheekbones, and a narrower chin and jaw.

Layers to Try

If this face shape sounds like you, the right layers for your face will be chin-length or longer. They can be blunt, wispy, or choppy – the most important thing to focus on is the length.

Layers to Avoid

Length is so important to heart-shaped faces because too-short layers can add height to your hair. That’s almost never a good idea for heart-shaped girls, because it can make your face look off balance. Get a little inspiration from Reese and add in some soft, feminine layers with sweet side bangs.

Product Guide

Add some texture and a matte finish to your longer layers with Osis Mess Up Texture Matte Gum.

Other Common Face Shapes

Still haven’t found the right layers for your face? That’s okay! Other common face shapes include oblong, diamond, rectangular and pear. Oblong shapes (long face and a narrow chin) should always, always, have layers. It doesn’t matter what kind, but medium length or face framing layers tend to work best. You just want to add a little more width to your face.

Diamond face shapes, on the other hand, are wider in the middle and narrower at the forehead and chin. Wispy long layers and bangs will look fabulous! Rectangular faces (long and narrow with square forehead and chin) suit short layers with lots of volume. Lastly, pear shaped faces – which have narrow foreheads and wide jaw lines – will want layers that are shorter and end at the chin.

Ready to embrace change this season? Find the right layers for your face shape. With lighter locks and some seriously gorgeous styles, you’ll be ready for anything the world throws at you.

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