Understanding Your Hair Anatomy

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There are a lot of hair care tips online and you would even hear some suggestions or advices from your friends. In order to pick the proper way in taking care of your hair, you better understand your hair structure. Knowing its anatomy will help you see how hair is being produced by your body and then think about the best way to take care of it.
red hair
Every hair in your body grows from a hair follicle, which is a very small saclike hole on the skin. If it is hair on your head then the hair follicle is on the scalp. Underneath the hair follicle is a group of cells that are in charge with the reproduction of new hair cells. When the hair grows longer, the new part of the hair is the one at the roots. These hair cells are the ones that are newly produced.

This group of cells that make up a tissue is called the hair follicle. It is responsible with making your hair grow as it is where the new part of hair comes out once produced. This hair follicle is a living tissue.

The part of your hair that you see with your eyes is called the hair shaft. It is not a living tissue. This part of your hair is composed of dead cells.

It is best for you to take note of this fact about the part of your hair that is made up of living cells and the part of it that is made up of dead cells. Come to think of it. The living parts of your body are those that get healed even if you cut them. They reproduce because thy regenerate new cells. However, the parts of your body that are dead would not regenerate by itself.

Furthermore, consider this. If you cut your hair, the ends of your hair will not grow by itself. You will need to wait for the hair follicle to produce new parts of your hair to make it grow. In this case you must be very careful.

For instance, you wish to have new hair color from time to time. Changing your hair color often causes damage to your hair shaft, which is composed of dead cells. So when your hair gets damaged, it will appear that way and you will just need to wait for your hair follicle to produce new hair and let your hair grow longer. You may also opt to cut the damaged part of your hair just to get rid of it and then wait for your hair to grow.

Now that you already know what makes up your hair you could start thinking about how you can take care of it properly. Ponder on what you should do to your hair shaft to make it look healthy and shiny. At the same time think about how you can make your hair follicles healthy so that it would produce new and healthy hair more often.

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