4 Hair Styling Tools Buzz Words Deciphered

This past weekend I finally purchased a curling wand. Let me back up a little bit. I cut all my hair off and got bangs. I’m going for the Rashida Jones look. Any ways, to achieve that look, I want those waves so I bought a curling wand. What’s the first thing I did before purchasing anything? I went straight to my friends and social media to figure out the best one to buy.

I had one friend say hers was ceramic and she really liked it. Which got me thinking? What does that even mean? Like clay pots from middle school pottery class? So I did a little more research to figure out what all those hairstyling tool buzz words mean!


Ceramic, huh? Turns out this is the stuff from ceramics class. It’s a hard brittle substance made by baking clay. When it comes to our hair style products it’s usually ceramic plating over the metal. Typically, the more ceramic used (very fragile!), the more expensive the styling tool is going to be.

How does it work? The styling tools create negative ions to counteract the positive ions and all the heat to spread out evenly. It also is able to self regulate it’s heat so it won’t get too hot.


Ionic, who? The name says it all. This styling tool uses the power of negative ions to break up water molecules on the surface of the hair into smaller components. With the water broken down into smaller components they are able evaporate more easily therefore drying time is significantly cut down.

The good news? Because you are spending less time blow drying your hair, you’ll take less time getting ready and minimize heat damage!


Tourmaline, what? It’s a precious stone, more precious than your middle school ceramic project. It’s known for is ion-emitting and infrared-generating properties. This stone is crushed up into little pieces and infused into the styling tool.

Does it use ions? It does use ions, but a greater number of ions. With the extra ions comes shiny, silky hair.


Titanium, where? Also known as Ti on the Periodic Table of Elements, this metal is corrosion resistant including sea water and chlorine. This is the styling tool you want to take on vacation. Titanium can specifically beneficial when it comes to the flat iron. It’s smooth surface prevents hair from snagging on the iron.

What makes it so great? It’s as strong as steel and 40% lighter. It retains higher heat longer and distributes is consistently. They also say it’s ability to maintain the heat allows it to diminish fungus and bacterial growth on the hair (perfect for dreadlocks!).

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