How to Get a Perfect Blowout?

Blowout Hairstyles

One problem that almost everyone has is that, no matter what precautions are taken hair tends to become dry or frizzy after blowout. For others, if hair texture is all good, it just falls flat after all the efforts. How only can you manage salon-quality perfect blowout at home? Is it even possible?  By following a few simple ideas, you can get salon-quality blowout right at home!

Blowout Hairstyles
Blowout Hairstyles

If you have dry or brittle hair, remember to use a conditioner right after washing off shampoo. This will form a soft coating on hair and prevent damage. On the other hand, if you have soft or fine hair, applying conditioner to the ends (hair tip) should do.

Once you are out from shower, use a cotton towel and pat dry. Do not use a terry towel or other micro fibers, since they will make your hair almost dry. When you use a soft cotton towel, you just remove the dripping water and your hair is still fairly wet. This is one step where many fail – your hair should not be almost dry, nor should it be dripping.

Before you start, apply a hair care or styling product that suits your hair. If your hair is dry, you can apply a leave-in conditioner, or a hair serum. You can start with the tips and work your way up. If your hair is thin or lacks volume, you can consider a volumizing mousse. On the other hand, if your hair is frizzy or tangled, consider an ant frizz serum or detangling serum.

Always remember – your fingers are your best friends. Even if your hair is tangled, using your fingers to slowly detangle them can do wonders for your hair! Use your fingers and slowly remove tangles, if any. Even otherwise, use your fingers and pull them through to the hair tips from the roots. When you use your fingers, you don’t dismantle the natural shape or curls, thus giving it a perfect blowout.

Now, start with blowout and remember to use the nozzle to get smoother finish. Start with your tips, since they tend to dry faster. When you move up to the roots, use a wide-toothed round brush, preferable made of natural materials like wood. Follow the brush as you dry, slowly. A good idea would be to pull your hair in sections in front, about 6 inches from your nose while blowing out. When your hair is done, it will not fall flat and also look voluptuous!

Finally, use the cold air function to add final touches to the blowout regimen. When done (hair should cool down), apply a serum or argan oil, for shinning and frizz-free hair!  You can apply a hair spray as well, though it is not needed if you apply serum.

Author Bio: This article was provided by Studio 11 hair salon in Orlando, Fl. Founded in the idea to give the customer 1-on-1 comfortable VIP experience.

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