How to Use Facebook Hashtags to Market Hairstylists

Mel B, Creator and Co-Founder of the Ask-A-Salon Network talks about recent changes to Facebook that can benefit your salon or spa business.


That’s right, the Facebook #hashtag is now in full effect. The idea is the same whether you are on Twitter, Pinterest and, yes, now Facebook. It allows the public to search a keyword term and find your business as long as the ‘#’ symbol is in front of the word. Keywords you will want to use on a regular basis would be things like:

● Your Salon Name paired with a highly searched hashtag such as #hairstylist

● Posting hair tips with words like #hairtips

● Engage your customers with a question followed by the hashtag #beautyquestions

Think of the hashtag in the same way as you would the Google search box. It is a keyword that people can now use to find you on your Facebook business page or personal page. Be sure there are no spaces between your words that you want included in your hashtag or funny characters such as the ‘-’ symbol, as it will cut off the hashtag term.

Via Karla’s Closet Via Karla’s Closet
Hashtags can help your posts go viral. When a Facebook user clicks on your hashtag, a whole list of posts pops up with the same hashtag in a timeline style. That means someone clicking on someone else’s hashtag can then see your posts as well. Make it good content and that person is then more likely to click on your page and click “like”.

Graphics always get more attention than pure text so if you actually put your hashtag/keyword in your graphic and pair it with text within your post, then people will actually use your hashtag and inadvertently help spread the word!

This works particularly well for growing businesses when the hashtag is the name of your business (or your own name for those self-employed) and is paired with a highly searched term. This is assuming you have made yourself highly searchable on google as well. Facebook is slowly unveiling the graph search concept and these hashtags are going to be a key part of that feature…so hashtag away!

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