Kate Middleton’s Long Hairstyle with Curls – Daily Hairstyle Ideas

Get Inspired by This Rockin’ Long Curly Hairstyle from Kate !

Wow, it’s a real duchess! We are already impressed just at that fact. But if we ask from where the duchess is waving, it becomes even more of a fairy tale come true.

Kate offset her signature bouncy curls with gorgeous sweeping side-bangs.

From a balcony, that of Cambridge Guildhall, can you believe it? The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, is seen here with her usual, pretty hairstyle. She is long known for her long brunette curls, now with the addition of cheek length, side swept bangs. Kate’s taupe coat is buttoned up to her chin to keep her nice and toasty as she waves to her affectionate subjects below.

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