Celebrity Hairstyles: Kylie Jenner’s Hair Evolution

No family is quite as fashionable as the Kardashians. While Kim, Khloe and Kourtney get the bulk of the spotlight, younger sister Kylie is right behind them in terms of style.

Over the last few years, Kylie has transformed her style many times over. From sweet to sassy and everything in between, Kylie Jenner is a stylish reality star just waiting to shine. And, being that we’re all about the hair here at Hairstyles Weekly, we’re most excited to look back at Kylie’s hair evolution.

Kylie Jenner’s Hair Evolution

Look #1: Kylie Jenner Long hair with a deep side part

Kylie Jenner Long hair with a deep side part

When Keeping Up With The Kardashians first premiered, Kylie was just ten years old. While her older sisters were busy soaking up the spotlight, she spent her days hanging out with her (equally fashionable) sister, Kendall. During the early days of the show, Kylie’s hairstyle was pretty simple. She shook up her long locks with a deep side part. The look was cute, sweet and totally age appropriate.

To re-create this look at home, all you have to do is grab a comb and change up your part – that’s a quick and easy way to add some excitement to long hair. To make sure your hair is always healthy and nourished, use Paul Mitchell’s The Cream.

Look #2: Kylie Jenner Straight, blunt bangs + ombre

Kylie Jenner Straight, blunt bangs + ombre

As Kylie got older, her style began to change. She started walking red carpets in fashionable dresses and high heels and gave her hair a massive transformation.

That simple side part from her childhood was long gone. In its place? Straight across bangs. She paired them with long waves, caramel ends and choppy layers, instantly giving her a more mature and sophisticated look.

Blunt bangs are still on-trend today. If you’re ready to rock the look yourself, ask your hairstylist to help you find the best bangs for your face shape.

Look #3: Kylie Jenner Super long & wavy + center part

Kylie Jenner Super long & wavy + center part

The next look in Kylie’s hair evolution was elegant, to say the least. She ditched the straight across bangs for something a little more mature: a center part with super long waves.

To get Kylie-inspired waves at home, grab a clampless curling iron and start curling the bottom half of your hair. Protect your locks with Hot Off the Press as you curl. Once the curls cool completely, brush them through with your fingers. For that red carpet length, try adding on some temporary hair extensions before you curl.

Keep curls in place with Paul Mitchell Hold Me Tight Finishing Spray.

Look #4: Kylie Jenner Blunt lob + ombre

Kylie Jenner Blunt lob + ombre

The hairstyle that completes Kylie’s hair evolution (so far, anyway)? A bold blunt bob cut. She swapped choppy layers for severe, blunt-cut ends. and added bold ombre coloring at the ends. The combination of blonde and dark brown makes for a seriously memorable hairstyle.

If playing with color is your thing, look for products specifically made for color treated hair. Products like the Paul Mitchell Color Protect Daily Shampoo will keep your hair healthy and make your color last longer.

If you love Kyle’s shorter look, talk to your hairstylist about ombre hair color, and play around with blunt edges. You’d be amazed at the edgy, fashion forward look you can create.

Kylie Jenner isn’t just a part of TV’s most popular family; she’s an up and coming fashionista. Thanks to her trendy style and ever-changing ‘dos, Kylie is creating buzz for all the right reasons.

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