26 Cute Blunt Bob Hairstyle Ideas for Short & Medium Hair

trendy blonde blunt bob cut with sun glasses

If you love the latest bob hairstyles, but your fine hair isn’t thick enough for stacked-back, inverted bob hairstyles, don’t worry – I’ve got you covered! You’ll love these beautiful blunt bob hairstyles that are perfect for fine and medium hair textures. How could you even think I’d forgotten about you!

Simply sensational choppy blonde medium bob hairstyles with bangs

This season’s selection of quirky, blunt bob hairstyles breaks the rules to create some sensational blonde medium hairstyles!  This style may originally have appeared on the head of a scare-crow, but it’s now a trendy medium hairstyles option with a fashionable choppy outline.  It’s easy to manage and cute, with straight-across bangs drawing attention to trendy, natural eyebrows.  Many of the most popular hairstyles for spring and summer end just below the chin, as it’s a flattering length for most face shapes!  Same-length, choppy bob hairstyles make the most of fine hair, with layering along the bottom creating a thicker look!

trendy blonde blunt bob cut with sun glasses

Rich russet-red ‘knock-out’ medium hairstyles with short bangs

The warm, brown shades like this rich russet are extremely flattering to pale skin-tones and a trendy alternative for anyone with mousey/dark-blonde hair.  Blonde streaks aren’t always the most flattering way to add color to medium hairstyles and instead of being a wannabe blonde, you can make a stronger impression by being a natural-looking ‘red-head’!  Straight-across, short bangs are adorning lots of popular hairstyles for spring and summer – ‘cos they’re a great way to display attractive, natural eyebrows above confident eyes!

short red blunt bob haircut with blunt bangs

Back view of smooth blonde blunt bob for fair-hair/white hair

Trendy white-blonde blunt bob hairstyles remain a popular hairstyles’ choice for women with fair hair or greying/white hair.  Fair hair doesn’t need too much bleaching to achieve softly glamorous overall blonde, medium hairstyles.  This cut is the same length all around, with layering confined to the last inch or so, where narrow layers make the hair curve under for a softer outline.  Notice the absence of darker roots, this is one of the benefits of having white hair – it doesn’t need constant root touch-ups as it grows out!

Back view of short blonde blunt bob haircut for women
Back view of short blonde blunt bob haircut for women

‘Must have’ makeovers medium hairstyles with cute caramel & shell-pink ombré

Here’s a cute hair color idea to add ‘personality’ to fine hair cut in long bob hairstyles.  The golden-blonde base is darkened to old-gold around the top which adds more definition around the top.  Then the lovely pink ombré is expertly applied to produce a beautifully blended ombré, fading to shell-pink at the ends.  Like many of the popular hairstyles for spring and summer, this bob hairstyles’ idea is cut to the same-length, with lightly textured uneven tips. The forward styling adds an interesting touch of asymmetric texture, in an otherwise symmetrical blunt bob hairstyles’ design!

medium straight brunette to pink ombre hair
medium straight brunette to pink ombre hair

Fab new light/shade hair color ideas for fine hair in medium hairstyles

Although this inverted bob appears to be reflecting lots of light – it’s actually a clever hair color idea with four distinct bands of color!  The roots are brunette fading into a fabulous warm, medium-blonde beneath.  Next comes a wide band of pale blonde from eye to chin, which also blends gently into medium-blonde tips!  Fantastic, isn’t it!  Can you see at the back, there’s another layer of dark hair underneath the shorter blonde section?  This is a fabulously innovative way to add 3-D dimension and depth to fine hair cut in smoothly chic medium hairstyles!

Simple short blunt bob hair style - side view

Stunning strawberry-blonde on long blunt bob hairstyles for spring/summer

Fine and medium hair looks great in same-length, blunt bob hairstyles with lightly textured tips accentuating the straight lines and choppy finish.  Bob hairstyles are a colorists’ dream as they present a ‘blank canvas’ on which to add a stunning hair color ideas.  The color is accentuated by the straightness of the hair both vertically and horizontally and, by using two harmonising shades, the hair looks thicker as the darker shade shows through the lighter top color!

long blunt bob hairstyle for medium length hair

Rag-doll choppy bob hairstyles on light-brown hair

I love this light-brown ‘old gold’ shade that livens up mousey/dark-blonde hair in a very natural and fashionable way!  And with minimalist blunt bob hairstyles, you get a fabulous opportunity to showcase an eye-catching hair color idea!  This shade matches the model’s eye-color perfectly, which is a super way to accentuate the eyes!  This cut is intentionally stiff and choppy with a strong, straight-across fringe – making this one of the short hairstyles that works well with round, heart, long and oval faces. Chin-length bob hairstyles add balancing width to minimise a pointed chin, too!

simple short blunt bob haircut for women over 40

Classy smooth symmetry on center-part black bob hairstyles for oval faces

This blunt bob is all about creating a sophisticated image that showcases a beautiful, oval-shaped face.  Symmetry is used to frame the face with a smooth, one length medium hairstyles option that hangs just below the chin.  The ends are lightly layered to make a pleasing curve-under that softens the bottom edgy nicely.  And the center-parting focuses attention on the model’s eyes and lips in a totally ‘well-groomed’ and classy bob hairstyles’ idea!

Short straight blunt bob haircut for black women

Edgy stick-straight medium hairstyles for fine hair

This bob hairstyle borrows from the slicked-back ‘wet-look’ idea to offer a strictly styled look.  It tends towards a minimalist image that suggests the wearer is a serious type, but the tips have been carefully textured to soften the bottom edge into an adorable fluffy-look.  The hair is only layered at the ends, which allows the full density of the hair to be shown above.  With darker roots showing through this flattering medium-blonde shade, a 3-D color effect makes the hair look thicker, too!

Blunt bob haircut for ladies

Boho blunt bob hairstyles with coffee to burnt-orange ombré

Here’s how to wear fine hair in long, bob hairstyles!  Keep the length no longer than brushing the collar-bone at the front, or you risk your hair appearing too thin.  Add straight-across bangs on a long or round face, or choose this center-parting to display a well-shaped forehead and a perfectly oval face.  Then make any medium hairstyles more exciting with a trendy ombré hair color idea, like this super-cute coffee to burnt-orange duo!  Add a slick of peach lipstick to complete a cute, fashionable look for medium or fine hair!

short straight blunt ombre lob hairstyle for black women

Cute chin-length vintage bowl-cut bob hairstyles on dark hair

Here’s a cheeky look that harks back to the original bob hairstyles which announced to the world that women were cutting their long hair and preparing to grab equal rights!  It’s a great style for breaking the symmetry of a round face, as the full, straight-across bangs break the circular shape.  The strong, clean lines of the short bangs that reach around to the sides, also focus attention on the eye-brows and eyes.  The sides are very smooth and flat, to avoid adding any width to full cheeks and the lightly textured tips hug the jawline, to accentuate luscious red lips!

short dark blunt bob haircut with blunt bangs

Most popular hairstyles for medium-length fine hair

Long, loose hair is ‘out’ for the most popular hairstyles of spring/summer, but long, blunt bob hairstyles are definitely ‘in’!  Hair that isn’t quite thick enough for steep, inverted bob hairstyles, can be blunt-cut into polished, long bob hairstyles that create the illusion of thicker hair.  This hair color idea is based on the idea that light colors seem closer, whilst darker colors appear to be further away.  The interplay between the dark base and blonde vertical highlights makes the hair seem much thicker!

easy daily bob hairstyle for medium length hair

Marvellous messy medium hairstyles for blondes with round faces

This trendy medium hairstyles idea has a shaggier finish than other same-length bob hairstyles, creating a more casual look.  The colorist has used three different shades to produce a contemporary bleached-blonde look, with a touch of caramel at the roots and a hint of pink in the lower layers.  To get as much volume as possible, the hair has just a little conditioner added, leaving the shafts rough enough to add body and an undone look!

hottest short blunt bob haircut for summer

Trendy textured bobs & short hairstyles in sexy strawberry-blonde

This easy-care blunt bob hairstyles’ idea has a vertically-textured finish, which creates 3-D depth and color dimension.  It’s one of the most popular hairstyles for spring and summer, because of its trendy length and shape which flatters almost all face shapes.  The hair color looks completely natural and as a medium-blonde shade, strawberry-blonde is a flattering shade for a wide range of skin-tones.  So strawberry-blonde is another of my highly recommended hair color ideas for adding a warm, contemporary look to dirty-blonde/dark-blonde hair!

Simple easy short hair ideas for summer

Accentuate luscious lips with well-placed ombré highlights on medium hairstyles

This simple blunt bob hairstyles‘ pic shows brown hair brought to life with the addition of red tones and a subtle ombré technique.  Lighter color streaks next to the face, plus a matching brown eye-shadow accentuate the eyes, whilst the ombré highlighting that’s lined-up with the model’s luscious, raspberry-red lips, demonstrates how to draw attention to a kissable mouth!  Restricting long, fine hair to a length that just brushes the shoulders will always make it look thicker, too!

medium straight bob hairstyle

Charcoal-gray bob hairstyles with bangs and chic indigo-blue shimmer

Straight black hair does have a tendency to go gray – while you’re still in the pink of youth!  Black dye is too harsh and can be very ageing, but this trendy hair color idea is chic, soft and really very attractive!  Graying hair at any age robs color from the face, but as you can see in this amazing short hairstyles’ bob with bangs, the subtle purple-blue indigo adds just the right amount of colour to harmonize beautifully with fuchsia-pink lips!  Love the blue-green sweater teamed with this soft navy hair color idea!

short dark blunt bob hairstyle with blunt bangs for women over 40

Cheeky chin-length short hairstyles and bobs to balance narrow faces

Medium-short hairstyles, no longer than chin-length, can work wonders to balance out a thin face or a sharp chin.  This model has lovely cheekbones, but her jawline tapers in to form a pointed chin, so she needs extra volume at the sides to create a fuller impression.  Bob hairstyles are one of the most popular hairstyles to correct a long or narrow face.  With a flat top, plus volume at the sides and around the chin, this short hairstyle flatters in a very fashionable way!

short straight blunt bob cut with hat

Sophisticated short hairstyles’ gray bob + indigo/blonde/pink ombré highlights

This amazing short hairstyles’ idea is a beautifully balanced, bob hairstyle with a ‘top of the range’ look! The hair is cut into funky, vertical layers shaped at the ends to curve into a neck-hugging line.  The sides are slightly graduated towards the front and feature a trendy disconnected layer on either side of the chin.  From gray roots, the color is blended through indigo-blue and then neutral blonde and lavender-pink, creating a classy and contemporary bob that simply oozes style! Hair color ideas like this are the sophisticated way to wear fantasy medium hairstyles for spring and summer.

short blunt bob hair ideas - the purple highlighted bob cut

Long blonde bob hairstyles with a straight silky finish

Platinum blonde is a great way to add style and a touch of glamor to simple blunt bob hairstyles.  Fine hair with a silky texture can benefit from the bleaching process, which tends to thicken individual hair strands.  This adds sufficient density to create fabulous, long, blunt bob hairstyles that won’t look thin or flat!  Shoulder length medium hairstyles shaped into neat or shaggy bobs are definitely one of the most popular hairstyles for this year!

back view of straight long bob lob hairstyle

Daring dual-blonde short hairstyles with inverted bob shape & smooth finish

Daring hair color ideas are at the forefront of this season’s most popular hairstyles and for medium and fine hair, blunt bob hairstyles are centre-stage!  This bob hairstyles’ option has a trendy inverted-bob shape, graduated down from the nape to about 2-3 inches below chin-length.  The back silhouette is nicely curved, but the bottom edge is left blunt and choppy making an edgy creative contrast.  With the addition of two contrasting blonde shades, platinum-blonde and pale golden-blonde in vertical lines, this look falls neatly into the style-conscious, young urban-chic category! And you can find more bob haircuts on hairstylesweekly.com!

classic short straight blunt bob cut for women

Amazing ash-brown and neutral blonde ombré on medium hairstyles with bangs

Turn your brunette or dark-blonde hair into an eye-catching blonde ombré that could transform your whole personality!  This trendy hair color idea makes it easy to switch from dark hair to blonde, without too much of a shock!  And this graduated blunt bob hairstyles’ option is a highly fashionable way to overhaul your image in a stunning makeover ‘do for spring/summer.  A blonde dip-dye adds the illusion of more density to fine hair, especially when added texture has been created with visible, ‘comb-lines’, producing glimpses of light and shade!

medium length ombre bob hairstyle with blunt bangs

Neat & sleek same-length blonde bob hairstyles with blunt-cut pink tips

For a subtle touch of fantasy hair color ideas, that won’t annoy your boss, this short bob hairstyles’ makeover idea has the merest hint of pink streaks in random touches.  This is a good style for a contemporary, professional look that always goes down well in formal business environments.  It can be worn with a center-parting on an oval face, or a side-parting for a round/heart face shape.  Tucked behind the ears, this bob hairstyle flatters round faces and worn as a chin-length bob hairstyle with ends hanging either side of a narrow chin flatters heart faces!

cute short blunt bob cut for fine hair

Stylish sexy urban-chic blonde bob with side-parting and ragged tips

This chin-length bob in pale, neutral blonde has avoided the cliché of dark roots to show this is a fresh, bob hairstyles’ idea from the spring and summer most popular hairstyles’ collection.  It’s a good style for thick hair, with sliced layers and ragged texture at the tips, thinning-out the ends so they curve in to the chin in a very contemporary look.  You can also achieve this sexy, short hairstyle on fine hair by blow-drying for added volume.

chin length straight blonde bob haircut for fine hair

Dramatic deep mahogany blunt-cut medium hairstyles with bangs for heart/round face shapes

The sheer intensity of the rich, mahogany color on straight, blunt-cut medium hairstyles makes an unforgettable first impression!  And if you’re looking for something that will single you out from the crowd, in a good way, this is a great hair color idea to try.  The shape of this popular hairstyles bob-cut works best on medium or thick hair textures thinned out vertically with sliced layers.  The full fringe breaks the symmetry of a round face, introducing a strong horizontal line that highlights the eyes!

casual straight red bob hairstyle

Striking shadow-play in subtle dip-dye hair color ideas for medium-short hairstyles

Simple short straight ombre hair for summer: Here’s an adorable and highly professional dip-dye hair color idea, that’s totally contemporary as one of this year’s most popular hairstyles!  The cut is simple, but very chic in a blunt-cut bob that ends a couple of inches below the chin.  that’s another amazing way to turn mousey/dark-blonde hair into something that packs an eye-catching style punch!

popular dark to blonde ombre bob hairstyle for women

Blunt-cutting on fine or thin hair in bob hairstyles is exactly what’s needed to create a thicker look around the outline.  And with this season’s fabulously varied hair color ideas for bob hairstyles, we’re all spoilt for choice on whether we want to look sophisticated, natural, fantasy or edgy!  Whichever blunt bob hairstyles you plump for, be sure to take 3 or 4 pics to show your stylist/colorist and get their expert advice on the best shape, length and color for you!

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