10 Luscious Eye-Catching Long Black Hairstyles for Black Women

If you’re bored with your hair, these luscious long black hairstyles will soon pep up your look!  Whether you have natural hair, relaxed or enhanced by a weave – here are loads of long black hairstyles just for you!

Masses of marvellous volume

Luscious Long Black Hairstyles

Corkscrew curls in a gorgeous feminine mass are an eye-catching look for an extrovert who just loves to be the center of attention.  The natural volume of frizzy, curly hair can be harnessed to create one of the most amazing long, black hairstyles of the season.

Or why not choose a stunning natural ‘fro like Solange Knowles, who may be Beyoncé’s little sister, but has a fabulous hair-fashion style that’s all her own.

Wavy long black hairstyles

Luscious Long Black Hairstyles

Beyoncé is turning heads with her amazing beachy waves with a new reverse ombré.  Her hair fades from light to dark with a stunning contrast between dark roots and blonde balayage accents.

I’ve been planning my own long black hairstyles today, as I’ve just discovered some gorgeous wavy hair extensions complete with an ombré two-toned tint.  Highlights can be expensive and time-consuming, so getting extensions with the ombré highlighting already done is a great way to save cash and look totally up-to-date!

Big head-braids

Luscious Long Black Hairstyles

Have you seen Alicia Keys wonderful loosely-plaited high, head braid?  Diagonal head breads are totally ‘in’ this season and if your hair isn’t long or thick enough, fake it with a weave.

Worn with your hair swept back from the face this is a classic, sophisticated look that draws attention to your face and adds some very flattering height on top – especially if you want to slim down a round face.

Tousled long black hairstyles to fit and flatter face shapes

Luscious Long Black Hairstyles

Shoulder-length hairdo’s are another trendy, new look and one that can be adjusted to shorten a long face – if necessary.  Choose a blunt-cut fringe to shorten the length of a long or narrow face and keep the sides well-tousled to create some face-flattering width at the sides.

On a round face, reduce the over-symmetrical shape with some unconventional choppy layers and an asymmetrical parting with a strongly angled fringe.

If you have a heart-shaped face, cover that wide forehead with a fringe that’s defined and separated to show some middle forehead, bringing the focus back to the center of your face.

And to add width around a narrow chin, flick the ends of a medium bob up to add the volume around the chin that will balance out your face brilliantly!

Why not check out our fabulous Inspiration Gallery of long, black hairstyles and get a flattering hair makeover today!

Luscious Long Black Hairstyles
Luscious Long Black Hairstyles
Luscious Long Black Hairstyles
Luscious Long Black Hairstyles
Luscious Long Black Hairstyles
Luscious Long Black Hairstyles

When you get the best cut for your face-shape, it’s amazing how much better you can look!

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