Best ‘Magic’ Hairstyles for Fat Faces – Clever Illusions to Slim Chubby Cheeks!

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These ‘magic’ hairstyles for fat faces work miracles to slim down even the chubbiest cheeks and chin!  There’s no law against having a chubby, round or fat face, in fact I have one myself – so I’m an expert in the best haircuts and styling illusions to create flattering hairstyles for fat faces!

Rules that you should bear in mind are that if your face appears fat and round, you can reduce the look by going very asymmetrical.  If your face has curves, you should avoid any haircut that emphasises the symmetry so layers, especially choppy ones, will also create the angles and strong lines that make the best hairstyles for fat faces.

Layered hairstyles for fat faces

Frame you face with layers in several different lengths – short, medium and long if you want a shoulder skimming bob that will draw the attention down and make your face shape look longer and slimmer.

Chin length bob hairstyles for fat faces

This is a classic favourite because it looks fabulous on women of all ages and can be adjusted to flatter all face shapes.  The latest bob hairstyles for fat faces should have a curved shape with extra height on the top of the head tapering down to a narrow finish at the chin.

When you draw attention to your jawline, it helps emphasise your bone structure.  Trendy choppy layers at cheek level can be styled onto the face, too, effectively hiding width and creating the illusion of a much slimmer face!

Waves and textured haircuts for fat faces

Avoid round, bouncy curls as these will accentuate the round curves in your face.  Smooth waves are best, styled with a little extra volume on top and around the temples to balance the proportions, and textured cuts are great hairstyles for fat faces.

Note: Flat to the head, straight styles are not flattering hairstyles for fat faces, even though many women with chubby cheeks believe this is a good look.

Extreme asymmetric bobs

Asymmetric bobs are one of the best hairstyles for fat faces and look great with this season’s extreme differences between a short back and long sides and the short/long profile haircut.

Don’t choose these hairstyles

For fat faces, middle partings are a bad idea as they will add even more symmetry and roundness emphasising the cheek area.  So try different partings to see how they can add angles and asymmetry.  Side-partings are very fashionable right now and are always a flattering choice for the best hairstyles for fat faces.

Why not try the zig-zag parting, which is another touch of magic to draw attention away from your curved face.

Not all fat faces are round, so take a look at our up-to-date Inspiration Gallery of the most flattering ‘magic’ hairstyles for fat faces of all shapes and find your favourite today!


sharing is caring - (๑′ᴗ‵๑)I Lᵒᵛᵉᵧₒᵤ♥

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