25 Simple Easy Pixie Haircuts for Round Faces

Redhead - chic layered short pixie cut for winter

Easy short hairstyles, like these cute pixie haircuts for round faces, make you look younger and save hours of hair-fiddling to achieve cute daily hairstyles! I’m convinced that easy short hairstyles reduce our ‘grooming anxiety’ and keep our faces wrinkle-free for longer!  Since I cut my hair short a couple of years ago, I’ve definitely gained a couple of leisure hours a day!

Women with round faces can wear a wide range of pixie cuts and short bob hairstyles, so here are the best short hairstyles for round faces right now:

Pretty auburn pixie with blonde highlights for round face

Diagonal lines draped over a round face shape create a longer appearance to the face.  And this cute pixie hairstyle for round faces is full of diagonal lines in the blonde highlights and swept-over section on top!  Ask for a fringe that shows some forehead in the centre and is graduated down on one or both sides, for a cute face-framing look. And this short pixie cut is perfect for fine hair.

Layered pixie with sharp side points and deep side parting

Starting the side-swept fringe from a deep parting creates a pair of strongly angled lines to break up the round outline.  The layers on top help to add height and volume to fine hair. The lovely texture in this ‘natural look’ short hairstyle and the trendy side-points, make it one of the most popular daily hairstyles for women of all ages!

Smooth short hairstyle with bangs for round faces

Highlight the upper part of your face with a smoothly styled asymmetric fringe that draws attention up, up and away from any extra thickness around your chin!  This easy daily hairstyles option is cut to finish at exactly the same level as the model’s delicate, silver nose ring for subtle emphasis. Suitable for fine or medium hair, the diagonal fringe line breaks up the round outline of the face and focusses on the model’s eyes and cute, little nose! Make sure you know the best bangs for your face shape.

Ultra-short pixie for lengthening a round face shape

This style focusses all our attention on the top part of the face and the pretty ‘widow’s peak’ hairline of the model.  This is a good way of distracting attention from the model’s slightly square jawline below.  The short, front quiff adds height over the curved hairline, which balances out the angle of her jaw.  Short, blunt side-burns frame the eyes and this attractive daily hairstyle really suits sporty or busy women with fine or medium hair!

Glam platinum blonde pixie with cute short quiff

There’s nothing like a short pixie cut to draw attention to a face with a good complexion.  If your face is round, adding height above the forehead, like this short quiff, is an easy short hairstyles option that lengthens your face instantly.  Platinum blonde gives any young woman’s pixie haircut a fabulous glam finish, especially teamed with black eye-liner and lovely red lipstick!

Best face-slimming long pixie haircuts for round faces

We’ve all laughed over similar, accidental, windswept hairstyles when the wind is gusting!  But when you look at this fresh, daily hairstyles option more closely, you see that it’s the best face-slimming shape you can get! It’s one of our favourite new daily hairstyles, because it’s one of those easy, short hairstyles that looks like an incredibly expensive cut and blow-dry!  The forward movement creates amazing natural volume and texture with a range of hair-tones and reflections, and the shape is perfect to flatter a round face shape!

Easy blonde pixie cut with long fringe & brushed back long sides

There is something very youthful about fine blonde hair cut in a soft pixie style on a round face.  And I’ve finally put my finger on why that is – it’s the first hairstyle babies and toddlers wear when their hair is just starting to grow!  It’s a cute look for a round face shape, because the long fringe breaks the circle, there’s tousled height on top and the sides are kept close to the head. With short layers around the crown gradually lengthened into a trendy long fringe and long sides, you can wear it casually brushed back or tucked behind the ears.

Cute copper short hairstyle with cropped back and sides

Hair color ideas for short pixie cut: This red pixie cut is perfect for showing off beautifully coloured hair and a stunning sense of fashion.  The strong lines of geometric cuts make great pixie haircuts for round faces.  In this easy short hairstyle, the back is closely cropped and graduated upwards to just below the crown.  The length is tousled to create that beautiful colour texture and volume and the sides have short, blunt side-burns that keep the focus on the eyes and upper face. Do you love this color? Find more hair color ideas here.

Stylish forward-combed pixie cut on straight black hair

At home, you can do easy, short hairstyles for round faces, such as this one, in a few minutes.  And that gives you a super-hot look, that’s also a convenient daily hairstyle!  This pixie cut works on medium and thick hair, as the strong shape and precision cutting rely on dense hair texture to create shaggy volume on top.  The sides are closely clipped and shaped around the ear, with forward movement in the sharp side-burns.  The shaggy outline in the top, sides and fringe breaks up the circular form of a round face in a flattering short hairstyle that’s a stylish, high-fashion look.

Great forehead-framing pixie hairstyles for round faces

And here’s another of the best ways to lengthen a round face shape, making it appear more oval.  The deep side parting breaks the symmetry of a circular face and the lifted forehead-framing wave is an excellent way to lengthen a low forehead or balance a round face.  The layers in the swept-over section are good for creating volume in pixie cuts for fine hair, and the neutral blonde on dark-blonde colour-scheme is also a great way to complement a warm complexion. This cut is great for women over 40. The ombre hair is hot these years, find out the popular ombre hair color ideas here.

Daily hairstyles & layered pixie cut hairstyles for round faces

Short haircuts: Here’s another of the long, pixie haircuts that’s shows why easy, short hairstyles for round faces are so popular this season!  It has lots of volume-boosting layering over the top, to avoid the plastered-to-the-head look that fine hair can fall into.  This also creates lovely, natural texture as the sun-lightened (or salon-lightened) strands make a cute pattern of pointed strands over the slightly darker hair underneath!

All-over platinum blonde pixie with long front & sides

The best hairstyles for round faces avoid curls and fussiness, which emphasise the curves and symmetry.  In particular, never wear curly sides which add width to your cheeks.  This clever little pixie haircut looks like an angled short bob hairstyle from the front, but has a layered and textured back with a ragged outline above the nape.  The inverted triangle outline of the fringe, showing the forehead, is a great geometric touch to break a circular face.  Long, smooth sides ending in sharp, shaggy tips add length, to balance out width at the jaw-bone beautifully.  It’s an easy daily hairstyles option to do in the mornings, but a very eye-catching and contemporary cut and colour!

Bowl-cut easy short hairstyles for trendy pixies

Isn’t this a fab side-view of a great, daily hairstyle that relies on the cut for its lovely curved outline!  It’s Suitable for fine and medium-thick hair, it’s a simple bowl-cut with long layers emerging from the crown to become curved, tousled strands with lots of movement around the head.  If your hair is fine, add Schwarzkopf Got2Be volumising powder for long-lasting volume or give yourself a colour and body-boost with bleached highlights.  Easy, short hairstyles for round faces almost always have an asymmetrical deep side-parting, and this swept-across neutral-blonde fringe looks very soft and smooth.

Sleek straight black pixie cut with tousled finish and long fringe

Having a round face is a ‘good thing’, by the way, and does not mean a fat face. It means you have a fairly symmetrical face and only need to tweak it a tiny bit to achieve the perfect ‘oval’ face shape! A heavy fringe – either straight-across or in a diagonal side-swept style – is the perfect way to re-proportion a round face.  The easy short hairstyles, based on this idea, demonstrate a pixie cut for thick hair, with sliced layers creating a strong face-flattering line across a round face.

Cut-off your curls for sleek, smooth pixie cuts for round faces

If you have naturally curly hair and a round face, you may look better with one of the straight, easy short hairstyles.  Curls draw attention to the curves and symmetry of a round face, so straight lines and geometrical shapes are helpful.  This no-nonsense, pixie hairstyle on medium-thick hair is layered over the top to create volume and shape.  You just need to use a little styling product, before blow-drying in a straight, textured comb-over.  The back has a lovely curve down to the  shaped-in nape and short, blunt side-points  avoid unwanted width at cheek-level (and bring the focus up and away from a prominent nose)!

Cute ‘long to short’ hairstyles makeover for round face

What we’ve got here is a very successful makeover that lifts the focus up to a point just above the head – making the lower face, chin and neck appear slimmer.   As this shaggy pixie haircut is inches shorter than the long bob she was wearing before, the model is left with one of the latest, easy short hairstyles with a strong, diagonal fringe that flatters a round face.  Cutting the hair to a length that ‘tails off’ just below the cheekbones reduces ‘width’ and the cute, wispy tips accentuate a pair of well-shaped lips.  Overall, the ‘after’ pixie cut frames the eyes and forehead, instead of focussing on the model’s slightly double chin and making her neck look broader than it actually is!

Blonde fringed front focus on mousey-brown pixie cut

Another great way to lift up the focal point of the best short hairstyles for round faces is to have a bright blonde tint on a thick, side-swept fringe!  It really changes your whole look and with the density of the blonde streaks graduated to just a few around the crown, you have a lovely colour contrast in the lower lengths!  Plus – it’s an easy short hairstyles idea to which you can add a temporary, pink, purple, blue or red tint for a party look, too!

Side View of short pixie cut for fine hair

Party-pixie haircut with jewelled headband and extra-long fringe

This glamorous party hairstyle is another of the many short hairstyles for round faces you can achieve on a long pixie cut.  In this version, the round face shape is broken by the diagonal line of a long, asymmetrical pale-blonde fringe.  See how it tapers into a curve at the side to draw the eye inwards towards the mouth, minimising the sense of width in the lower face.  In ‘special event’ or daily hairstyles for round faces, you should aim for extra volume or a trendy hair decoration on the top of the head.  This is a great way to recycle your old diamond bracelets – ha ha – but if you don’t have any, this diamantée headband is the perfect party hair accessory!

Michelle Williams Short Hair with Headband for Round Faces
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Messy pixie hairstyle for round faces and red carpet events

Round faces are very symmetrical, so that’s one of the reasons why the latest asymmetrical pixie cuts are so popular as party and daily hairstyles.  Messy hair (without curls) is a great way to add strong, straight lines that balance out a curvy face.  This easy short hairstyle’s got sharply textured layers breaking up the curve of the front hairline, plenty of face-lengthening forehead on show and straight, messy strands at the sides to minimise the curve of a rounded cheek! A good short cut for thin hair.

Emma Watson Short Pixie Haircut with Bangs

Colour-flash top focus on pixie for round face

To increase focus on the upper part of a round face, add an unexpected flash of colour in a swept across fringe.  This model has dark-blonde hair, which is a cool shade, so it can be livened up with a cool pastel colour such as aqua-blue.  If you choose a highlight colour that matches or contrasts with your eyes, you can accentuate them even more in the latest cute pixie haircuts!

Although women with a perfectly oval face are in the minority, many short, daily hairstyles photos show oval-faced models.  This can make it hard to know which are the best short hairstyles to suit round faces! So  my advice on the best way to balance short hairstyles for round faces is this:- Volume on top, strong fringe and flat, sleek sides.  Keep checking back for my frequent updates on cute daily hairstyles to suit your round face – here!

20 Simple Easy Pixie Haircuts for Round Faces
20 Simple Easy Pixie Haircuts for Round Faces
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