Mariska Hargitay Layered Curly Hairstyle – Faux Fringe & Tousled Ringlets

Mariska Hargitay layered medium curly hairstyle for women over 40

Most popular medium length hairstyle for mature women age over 40. Here’s a very clever idea, you can fake a fringe without cutting a hair!

Shoulder length curly hairstyle with side swept bangs. In line with the trend for the faux bob, this is a fabulous way to style long hair to look like a medium curly bob!

From the side parting, a section is deftly arranged over the forehead giving an asymmetric, side-swept fringe.

The rest of the hair is curled into loose, lightly tousled ringlets which make Mariska’s lovely long hair look much shorter!

The ringlets add lots of attractive volume at the sides and back.  And the beautiful highlights accentuate the curly texture and lively movement to complement this innovative, new look perfectly! Find more bob hairstyles here.

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