Medium Length Hairstyle Trends for 2014

Medium hairstyles for 2014: Versatility is the word that comes to mind when thinking of the Trends in Hair Styles for Medium Length hair for 2014. When looking for a new style for the New Year, going with a medium length cut is the best choice for achieving the most coveted looks in both the short and long style arsenals.

With influences from past decades in fashion; ranging from the early to mid 19th century up through the 1980s and beyond. The 1900s brought us braids wrapped around the crown of the head, the 1940s were known as The Golden Age of Hollywood with its Starlets and their cascades of finger waves and ringlets. Such Starlets as Jayne Mansfield, Betty Grabel and Jane Russell made these styles famous.

As the 1960s arrived, so did the fuller styles such as The Bouffant which was seen on such memorable stars as Brigitte Bardot, as well as The Pixie as seen on Mary Martin in Peter Pan. Punk, with its spiked-highly individualized cuts and wild colors first came onto the scene in the 1980s, brought to the mainstream by such stars as Cyndi Lauper, Madonna and Joan Jett. These influences bring us a whole gambit of styles for 2013 from braids, both singular and in multiples, finger waves and rolls which have been amped up to bring them into 2013, as well as a version of the Bouffant which has been altered from an all over full look to a half up-half down style and finally, the return of highly textured, imaginative, color tinged attention getters. Women have more to choose from than most any other time before- as we begin to think ahead to the coming year.

medium hairstyles trends for 2013
medium hairstyles trends for 2014

2014 medium hair styles trends:The 1900s are influencing the braided styles of the coming year. From single to multiple braids, that can be wrapped around the crown, woven into an up-do as well as into a half up- half down style. As an example, you might braid across the middle of the back of the head in a Sideways French or Herringbone Braid- leaving the remaining hair to fall free. Hair could then either be left straight, crimped or curled to name just a few options. Other style options have been influenced by The Golden Age of Hollywood with its Beautiful Starlets and the profusions of curls and waves that are still around today. Although Finger Waves were once very defined and rigid, as in the 20s and 30s-they became much softer with less definition as the look of Romance swept the 40s. There are a great many options that can be taken from this Era-a cascade of rich, full curls or waves either brushed out for a soft, vintage romantic look or left more defined and maybe even a bit “damp” in appearance for a more edgy modern look. The Side Part will be very much en vogue for 2013 and lends itself well to the styles of yesteryear.

shoulder length hairstyle trends 2013
shoulder length hairstyle trends 2014

Medium length hairstyles for 2014: The Bob is another very Classically Chic look that will make an appearance again in 2014. This haircut has been around in varying forms for many decades, today’s look will not only incorporate that sophisticated, blunt look we’ve come to associate with the Bob – but also Layered Bobs. When a Bob is layered, it opens many new doors when it comes to styling. You now have curls, ringlets, waves, rolls and any number of new ideas for your Bob. So now you have the options of a full-romantic, dreamy look. If a little walk on the wild side is more your style, then you might choose to define layers further still, which will add to the overall texture. More defined, texturized locks can also be achieved with many different finishing products your hairdresser can recommend, (so that you have all you need in your hair care arsenal.) You could also go with the more dramatic Finger Wave applied more loosely than in years past, and not as close to the head-creating a more Mysterious look. Last but not least, don’t forget those Asymmetrical Bobs which add interest to the face and draw attention to Beautiful Eyes, High Cheekbones or Perfectly Shaped Lips. There will be quite a few styles in the coming season that showcase extremely cool, attention getting color, however with the exception of Punk-the Bob and the Layered Medium Hairstyles that are covered next, will certainly give the Racier Punk styles “a run for their money” in the Endeavour to show off The New Multidimensional Trends in Color .

2013 bob hairstyles
2014 bob hairstyles

If the Bob is not quite flexible enough for your needs, and you feel you need a bit more length, volume and/or texture-there are still the Mid-length Layered Styles. While not so very far removed from the Layered Bobs of today, you may find that you can do more with this adaptable longer style. All of history’s influences that have been discussed here are possible with a medium to long layered cut. Especially if you would like to have the appearance of varying lengths of hair as your mood suits you. Layered Styles can be anything you wish them to be-from any one of the New Trends for 2014, to a Vintage Inspired Style that you admire that may have not been mentioned here; or even a Style straight from your own imagination.
Aside from the many interesting styles mentioned to this point; there are one or two additional choices when it comes to the question; “to layer or not to layer, and if so how much?” There is still the Choppy Layered Look to consider, as well as possibly choosing to have Soft Tapering in lieu of Layering, the result of which is much softer-less angled and “not so sharp around the edges” so to speak. The Choppy Layered choice is high in texture and volume, and usually very full and/or spiked in the crown area, which creates lift-as well as very defined around the face and may or may not have a bang. These bold styles can be made to grab even more attention still by adding a Gorgeous Multidimensional Color, that says; “Hello, I’m here!” Styles based in this cut are show stoppers to be sure! If you are more of a kitten than a roaring lion, then you might want to seriously consider the more understated chic and romantic lines of The Tapered Cut. While still often times framing your face, just as does its layered, choppy counterpart- in this case it could be compared to framing a lovely painting, as this style does a great deal to play up a pretty face with striking features. The end result is a very soft look. If color is your thing but being “loud” about it is not, then opt for a very pretty color combo, such as a deep auburn with golden honey and maybe just a touch of “true red” highlight, “tossed in for good measure”- giving you lots of depth and interest. If you yearn for pretty pastels you might opt for a very pale pink on a beautiful yet quiet platinum blond. Apply the pink only around the edges though, so as to accentuate that wonderful, face framing cut.

layered hairstyles 2013
layered hairstyles 2014

One thing you should know before embarking on a heavily layered cut however is that although lots of layers placed in the right places and at the right lengths can create loads of volume and texture in your style; they must be approached with thought and knowledge. You should be aware of your hair type as well as the appearance you wish to achieve. The most important lesson to learn about layers-is that they are not all created equal! If you have very thick hair you might want to try very long soft layers, or if you have very fine thin hair you should be sure to be educated on the subject before asking for layers- in order to accomplish the effect that you desire. One last thing to bear in mind is that the way in which layers add such a large amount of volume, is that as the layers are applied, weight is removed-causing hair to “jump up” so to speak. So know that if for instance, you just hate that natural curl in your tresses, layers are going to make it that much curlier. That being said, if you are looking for a soft wispy look you will want shorter layers, and if you want lots of volume then medium layers are the answer you are looking for. If you wish to soften an angular face, long layers will do the trick. For a great deal of volume and lift in the crown, even with medium to long layers- you will want to ask for shorter layers in that area. You might even mix and match as the coveted style, and the texture of your hair dictate.

Hair color trends for 2014: Remember the 1980s and all the wild hair cuts and colors? Made famous by such Stars as Cyndi Lauper, Madonna and Joan Jett, they introduced us to a whole new style from hair and makeup to the clothes we wore. But only the most individual and confidant seemed to keep the look going long after most of us had moved on to other trends, well it is back with a passion ! While in many ways it doesn’t seem to be as “off the cuff” with little rhyme or reason as it once did; The Punk Look in general still isn’t for the meek or timid among our Fashion Savvy Sisters. It seems that although there is much more structure and method in the cuts and color, it is still the best fit for our “Wild Child” ladies. There is an additional group of women who might be drawn to “Punk” however, as the trend seems to be leaning heavily toward a more “artistic” look-thereby attracting the artistically creative set. Specifically due to the fact the a great number of the styles that fall into this trend seem to gravitate to a more sculptured carefully planned cut and strategically placed color than that of the mainstream in previous years. Some of these Statement Hairstyles, as they are coming to be called, will be all the more dramatic on medium length hair. The keys to success for this style on medium length locks are very carefully placed sharp, choppy layers. As in the photo of the long red style seen below left- it is just stunning on long hair as is seen in the photo. Imagine this though, if the cut were ended right at the shoulder, it would allow for another very sculptured point at the shoulder line. Doing so would make this style all the more exciting! Want to take it up yet another notch on the excitement scale? Great! Just add in some daring highlights or chunking along the ends, such as Gothic Black (which will be very much in demand in 2014) and Voila! You Go Woman! You are now leaps and bounds ahead of the crowd when it comes to looking Totally Hot and Extremely Trendy. All in all, this trend still seems to ooze with the individuality and confidence of any outgoing-independent woman who is wearing it.

2013 hair color trends
2014 hair color trends

So with such a well rounded bag of tricks in your Beauty Arsenal, the Ammunition of the Knowledge you have gained through choosing to educate yourself and confiding in and asking the advice of your Favorite Hairdresser. You are more than ready to step up and make those changes you’ve been dreaming of for 2014. You have only to desire a change and then make the decision to be anyone you want to be; a Strong, Graceful Woman stepping from the 1900s into the 21st Century, a Gorgeous Hollywood Starlet of the 40s, a Sex Kitten of the 60s, a Highly Individualized, Confidant Punk Rocker of the 80s-or you can choose to be a combination of all of the elements of all of the women whose well put together look and style you’ve ever admired. Most important of all-you have the self-confidence and drive to be the one and only..…YOU!

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