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For all you Fashion Conscious,Forward Thinking Women out there !  Here is the low down on what is going to be happening on the Hairstyle Front for 2014.   There are two very important considerations that are a constant in considering your new look for the upcoming year, length and color !  One should consider lifestyle and personal taste as well, along with shape of face ,and personality etc.

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Before you read this article, you can browse these hair style pictures first.

Wedding Retro Updo 2013
Wedding Retro Updo 
2013 Updo with the HeadBand
 Updo with the HeadBand
Prom Updo Hairstyles 2013
Prom Updo Hairstyles 
2013 Updo Hairstyle Undone Updos
Updo Hairstyle Undone Updos
2013 Spring Braided Hairstyles
Spring Braided Hairstyles
2013 Roll Waves Hairstyles
Roll Waves Hairstyles
2013 Knot hairstyle
 Knot hairstyle
2013 Hairstyles Topping It Off
 Hairstyles Topping It Off
2013 Hairstyle Trend Low Ponytail
Hairstyle Trend: Low Ponytail
2013 Haircut Trends
Haircut Trends
2013 Braided Hairstyles
 Braided Hairstyles
Slick Hair 2013
Slick Hair 
Simple Easy Knot Hair 2013
Simple Easy Knot Hair
Long Straight Low Ponytail 2013
Long Straight Low Ponytail 
Long Blonde Straight Hair with Braid
Long Blonde Straight Hair with Braid
Easygoing Chignon Braids 2013
Easygoing Chignon Braids 
2013 Runway Three-in-One Ponytail
Runway Three-in-One Ponytail
Braided Side Bun 2013
Braided Side Bun 
Braided Hairstyles 2013
Braided Hairstyles  /hairromance
Waterfall Braid Hairstyle 2013
Waterfall Braid Hairstyle  /hairromance
Braided Bun Updo 2013
Braided Bun Updo /hairromance
Braid Hairstyles 2013
Braid Hairstyles  /hairromance
Fishtail Side Braid Hairstyles 2013
Fishtail Side Braid Hairstyles  /hairromance
Wedding Hairstyles 2013
Wedding Hairstyles  /hairromance

Hair Trends:

Old Hollywood Glamor

Old Hollywood Glamour Hairstyles
Old Hollywood Glamor Hairstyles

Trends for this year are taking cues from the Fashion Runways of New York and Celebs on the Red Carpet,as well as bringing back many Vintage looks. There will be new twists on Classic styles. Mixing everything from styles which have the feel of the early to mid nineteenth century, such as the Wrap Around Braid;to the Bouffant of the 1960s . A good example of these mixtures is the return of the Golden Age of Old Hollywood  in the form of Side Parts and Finger Waves ! Reminiscent of Hollywood Pin-up Girls  of the 40s,such as Betty Grable and Jayne Mansfield. These hairstyles are rich with Glamor and Romance, finger waves that were once very stiff and close to the head are now much more relaxed, giving them a softer appearance and are at  times tousled and defined with product in order to bring attention to the grace of the lines. For example, when paired with a Classic Chignon, leaving a wide section in front which is finger waved loosely creating soft lines and pulled back into the chignon with a Glamorous pin or left loose and  “mussed” a bit then defined with product for a hint of Rebellion.

2013 hair trends
Glamor Hair Styles

Speaking of Chignons, Up-dos,will be Hot for the new Season !  No longer severe, these up-dos vary widely however, the constant seems to be Volume,Volume, Volume !  I have seen lots of Side Parts, Braids, Finger Waves and Tousled Curl.  There is also a great deal of interest created in the up-do with the use of Chignons, French Twists and Rolls.  These are seen both in their classic forms and with new,fresh twists.  Such as in the case of the French Twist, by using a side part and directing the hair over to the side from the front and rolling back toward the crown which places the height or point of interest more to the side and just in front of the crown thus giving this Classic look a Modern Edge.

Hairstyle Trends: Braids

Kim Kardashian Sexy Side Braid
Sexy Side Braid

Braidswill be making a strong showing for this year, but not your Mother’s braid..these braids are very unique when used in up-dos or loosely pulled over a shoulder after the hair has been given lots and lots of volume for a full wavy look and then adorned with ribbon throughout the braid for a very feminine romantic look.    French Braids  will still be around in the classic sense, but will also be seen sideways across the back of the head for instance, allowing strands to fall out of the braid and down  the back for a flowing look.  The hair that was left to fall free could be left straight and soft or in a fluff of romantic curl.  One could even try their hand at the large loose finger waves that will be so popular for 2014.  Braids both french and traditional will also be seen in multiples from front to nape a great deal for 2013.  The multiple braids  can be done in a classic french braid,or herringbone.  One might then choose  to crimp or curl the loose hair that remains loose at the nape of the neck. Here is a gallery of braided hairstyles, enjoy.

Day into Night..

Half Up Half Down Hairstyles 2013
Half Up Half Down

Speaking of the a fore mentioned braids and rolls these come in handy for another up and coming trend; The Half Up-Half Down that brings to mind the days of  Sex Kittens such as Brigitte Bardot, the look in which the Bouffant also comes back on the scene.  This allows for a partial up-do while still allowing for long flowing hair as well.  If the bouffant isn’t your thing, this sexy look can also be achieved using various braiding and/or rolling techniques.   Some ideas might be a large finger wave in front and secured high in the back, allowing hair to fall into graceful curls.  Or maybe a wide side bang pulled back into a roll and secured with a pretty comb or barrette, letting ends trail down the back in an alluring cascade of ringlets.   This will prove to be one of the season’s most versatile styles for both day and evening.  I saw side parts,loopy curls, crimping, and finger waves as well as smooth and sleek here, as well as with so many of the new looks for 2013. Find more elegant updos here.

  Bob or Mock Bob ?

Cute short bob hairstyle 2013
classic bob hairstyle

Another classic which will still be popular is the Bob,seen in many different lengths and styles.  From sleek and smooth to tousled,loopy curls and once again we will be seeing the Bob sporting a Side Part as well.  This classic style will be seen in all sorts of different looks,from sleek to curly.

Hairstyles for 2013: Mock Bob
Mock Bob

Don’t want to cut your hair in a Bob,but you like the look ?  Well you are in luck,because another trendy look will be the Mock Bob.  A very simple look to achieve, all one has to do is pin your lovely locks under at the length you want your Bob to be, for very long hair this would be better described as a “loop”.  The Mock Bob can be full and curly or smooth and silky and everything in between.  One variation of this style applies gel to the sides which are combed close to the head and then secured under the Bob or “Loop.” A lot bob hairstyles for you to choose from here.

Want your new “Do” to Sparkle ?

2013 hairstyles: Bangs

We will still be seeing the Bang as well but aside from the usual soft fringe of a bang,we will also be seeing a very sharply defined, blunt bang.  The Bang seems to be one extreme or the other,either making a statement with the blunt bang or softly whispering with the layered and/or textured bang.

Hairstyles for 2013 headband

Then you are in luck as there will be lots of Headbands, Combs,Pins and Barretts in this year.  They have been seen in all shapes and sizes,from Large and Chunky to Small and Petite.  Glittery and Flashy to Prim and Pastel.  Hair Jewelry is most assuredly making a come back in the new season.

Multidimensional Color ~Exciting !

hair color trends 2013
hair color trends

Well onward and upward Ladies, this brings us to the Color Trends ! Everything we have been seeing points to lots of Multidimensional Color.  When choosing your new color, think rich and vibrant.  No more understated color,even pale blondes are sporting bold chunks of “look at me” colors in pinks,blues,jades and even purples !  Even blonde on red is seen quite often in last year. Look at it like this, there are colors such as red for an example,that sometimes enter a room quietly whispering,  “Hello, how do you do ?” and then there are others that enter screamin’ “I’m Here ! Start the Party Now !”   Want something more understated ?  You can always go with Luscious, rich color in a variety of luminous shades with multidimensional highlights to perfectly accentuate the color you choose.  No need to make loud statements if that is not you.  You can choose to be more refined and sophisticated, even Glamorous in your colorchoices.  So in other words you can either be refined, charming and sophisticated  or you can choose to make a bold,fiery even sultrystatement with your look,the choice is yours.

Hair colors 2013
Hair color trend


2013 hair colors
 hair colors

Multidimensional Color will be available in every hue imaginable,  as always there are Brunettes, Blonds, Browns,Auburns and True Reds. The change will come in the form of adding two or more additional colors to your “base” color,in the form of highlights.  This in turn makes for an overall look that has a tremendous amount of depth.  Movement brings with it the surprise of many changes in the look of your color as the sun or club lights hit your beautiful tresses, revealing glimmering highlights.  2013 will also see Gothic Black quite often as it will be one of the more “hip” trends of the season.  Making a showing for another season are the pastel and jewel colors of the current season.  Pinks,Blues,Greens, Reds,Yellows and Purples etc.  Basically if it is in the rainbow or even in your head you can put it on your head.


Hairstyles for 2013
Hair colors

Brunettes will see softly glowing golden-blond and warm auburn highlights.  These gorgeous rich brown tones with their subtle highlights are wonderful for olive and dark skin tones.


Long Blonde Hairstyles
Long Blonde Hairstyles

Blondes will be leaning away from the harsh blondes we have sometimes seen in years past.  2013 will be about the understated blonde tones, there are more Ash Blondes, with auburn and/or light brown highlights.  we have also seen golden-blond highlights glittering on natural blond hair,as well as very muted pastel pinks or blues on an ice blond.


Long Brown Hairstyles 2013
Long Brown Hairstyles

Browns are rich like fine Mahogany Wood with lush chocolate browns highlightedwith deep reds and deep golden blondes.  Or for a more revved up look on that same dark brown, a vibrant red or burgundy highlight.  The brown tones lend themselves to quite a lot of choices as well.  Just talk with your hairstylist about all of the possibilities once your skin tone,lifestyle and tastes etc. are taken into account.

Reds and Auburns

Reds Rich Auburn hair color 2013
Reds Rich Auburn hair color 

Reds and Auburns as always take the center stage for excitement and attitude in 2014 !  Of course while being so exciting, it is also the hardest to maintain.  Reds  tend to fade quickly, so make doubly sure you get your hairstylist’s advice on products to keep your red blazing as long as possible.  Reds and

Auburns seem to be one extreme or the other for the 2013 season.  Either deep,luxurious Irish Red with light catching golden-blond and copper highlights for example;or Cherry Red with Gothic black highlights chunked in strategically around the face and crown.  Major extremes to choose from here, and a mouth dropping array of choices in between.  A note about the true reds in particular, skin tone is very important in order to wear this color successfully.  If you have pink or red undertones this could be the color for you !  Be sure and consult with your hairstylist for his or her opinion on this or any other color.

Gothic Black

Gothic Black hairstyle 2013
2 hair color trends: Gothic Black

Gothic Black and a Rainbow of Colors- So you’re a Wild Child right ?!  Just kidding, you don’t have to be a wild child…however if you are, you are gonna have a ball with these choices !  Bottom line here, “If you can dream it,you can be it” Between these choices in color and the broad range of style for 2014, you could pretty much dream up anything using some of the up and coming style and color ideas and “Poof !” you are no longer a trend follower but a trend setter !  Don’t be afraid to experiment with the myriad of jewel and pastel colors that are going to be available. They can be added to virtually any “base” color you choose and of course they look absolutely awesome on Gothic Black !  A short haircut that is Gothic black with just a bit of teal or jade along the edge looks killer.  short haircuts 2013

A long hairstyle on which naturally dark hair has highlights done in purple is just sexy, nothing else to say. 

The Colors of the Rainbow

Blue on the crown of a short to medium style done in an icy blond is too tough for words.  So put your thinking caps on and really have fun with these looks, you are only limited by your imagination.

So  Ladies, the Long and the Short of it is a general look of Romance,Glamor and just a hint of Rebellion.  Classic looks with new twists and basically all things pretty to add the finishing touch to your new creation.  Remember, the sky is the limit and above all else:             

Just be theBeautiful,Unique Woman only You can be !

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