Messy Casual Braid for Women with Balmain hoop earrings

Messy Casual Braid for Women

Balmain hoop earrings & casual braid for Spring

This casual hair style is very popular with ‘off-duty’ fashion models and always projects a confident, stylish image!

To achieve this trendy look, the hair is swept back from the face and sides with the hands, to form a glossy single braid starting just above the hairline.  The braid is secured to leave a few inches of straight hair at the end.

The choice of black elastic-covered bands to secure the braid adds to the relaxed chic look, and the hair is lightly tousled to produce a pretty halo of wisps that catch the light around the silhouette.

The hair looks fashionably casual and under-styled, but not too messy!

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