20 Romantic Easy Bun Updo (knots) You Can Try This Season!

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If you have long hair you like to wear in a bun, chignon or knot, you probably think you’ve already seen most of the possible style variations.  But you’d be mistaken – as you’ll see below!  The constant invention of imaginative new bun designs keeps the look fresher than a summer flower and as edgy as you dare to wear!   Today’s exciting gallery is full of inspiring ideas for contemporary bun styles to reflect your personality and create the perfect updo for every occasion!

Classic low chignon with diamanté & flower accessory

This is a sleek look with strands of hair creating layers of movement on top of the hair surface.  One strand sweeps across the back, from the temples and another creates a curve above the back hairline.  There’s a touch of silver-blonde balayage beneath the gorgeous double-flower hair accessory in this fabulous wedding hairstyle idea.

Pretty bridesmaid chignon for mid-length hair

You don’t need especially long hair to achieve a pretty upstyle for a special occasion.  This blonde style is lightly teased and swept back to form a cute, curly bun above the nape.  The lovely white rose hair accessory completes this super, semi-formal look!

Trendy scarf top-knot for girls

If hair isn’t long enough to create a large bun on top, try this clever faux-bun idea.  An upward French braid creates texture from nape to crown and a small scarf has been arranged in a knot and pinned on top to create a brightly colored faux-bun!

Chic asymmetrical knot-chignon on black hair

Catch up your long hair in this chic and practical knot that has lots of quirky personality!  The model’s lovely black hair has a contemporary green sheen, from a conditioning color gloss treatment.  The knot is neatly fixed in an asymmetrical position and equally suitable for a daily hairstyle or, with a cute hair accessory, it makes a chic, minimalist evening look!

Super sea-green messy top-knot

This unconventional sea-green top-knot is full of tone-on-tone color and texture.  Messy styling is also a good way to add the illusion of density to fine hair, which tends to look flat when brushed up into a bun.

Soft semi-formal messy updo in caramel-blonde

This lovely semi-formal updo gains sophistication from the bouffant shape and warm hazelnut color.  Honey-blonde highlighting, along with the deeper brown root color, creates 3-D density making hair seem thicker.  And it’s a great way to achieve a chic updo on medium-length hair!

Trendy triple-knot chignon with bouffant top

For extra-special occasions, this fresh new chignon style is bound to draw admiring glances and compliments!  The fashionable brown roots and dual-blonde highlighting create lots of texture and color depth.  And lovely swirls of color in the three gorgeous chignons are sophisticated and appealing!

Light-brown every-day bun with trendy hair accessory

This every day hairstyle is still a favorite, because it’s an easy-care, face-flattering and practical style for long hair.  The key to updating it to a contemporary look can be as simple as adding a trendy,  ‘bun-stick’, hair accessory!  This bun-stick combines natural copper and wood to create a modern look.

Unique blonde swirly-chignon for brides

This bridal updo is guaranteed to draw admiring glances for its artistic lines and unique style!  The mix of colors is highly contemporary, with warm brown roots creating a pleasing contrast at the nape. Pale golden-blonde hair, arranged in softly draped twists and swirls, will surely make your groom fall in love with you all over again!

Funky beige-blonde with espresso roots

Taking its cue from espresso coffee and cream, this modern angled bob is packed with edgy style for fine or medium hair. There’s just a hint of playful pink on the tips and with top height plus low-volume sides, it’s a fabulous fashion look for ‘lifting’ a low forehead or slimming a round face!

Updated every-day twist in black with brown highlights

Here’s our favourite everyday twist-up and pin style with added sophistication from a new hair color idea.  Broad ash-brown highlights have been added to the sides accentuating the curved movement and decorating the top of the twist.

DIY casual hair-knot with pink bun accessory

Whether you’re going for a run, dead-heading the flowers or on your way to the gym, this pretty twisted knot is just what you need!  It’s a quick and easy style you can fix up in a couple of minutes and the pink bun-stick adds extra style!

Marvelous messy chignon in copper colors

These medium blonde and copper shades are perfect to flatter tanned skin in the summer.  The cleverly pinned twists along the side meet above the nape in a cute, copper blonde chignon.  Loose wisps of hair are pulled down to make a soft, casual frame around the face.

Cute & curly bun with blonde balayage for fine hair

This curly bun is great for adding volume to thin or fine hair with tousled curls.  The model’s naturally blonde hair is given added 3-D depth from white blonde balayage and ash brown lowlights.  And the wavy, swept-back fringe softens the forehead!

Fabulous edgy ‘undone’ bun with spiky tips

Here’s a fabulously edgy look that’s full of drama and unexpected movement!  Ash brown roots create a trendy contrast with platinum blonde and white highlights on spiky tips.  The spectacular part of this groovy hairstyle is the flaming ‘Catherine-wheel’ chignon, looking just like a firework in full swing!

Unique under-cut look with braids & red balayage

Here’s another great fusion hairstyle, with an edgy, short-clipped back and sides underneath a romantic braided updo!  The loose French braid creates a faux-hawk shape ending in an unusual position overhanging the nape.  And temporary red hair color completes this unconventional new look!

Attractive blonde wrap-over for mid-length hair

Instead of a chignon, this new wrap-over hairstyle has hair arranged in four barrel curls just above the nape, in an upstyle suitable for mid-length hair.  The expert blend of blonde and brown shades, make it fresh and suitable for proms, parties and bridesmaids.

Casual bun with braid border to balance a curved nose

This casual bun style shows how to balance the shape of your nose with your hairstyle.  This model has a curved nose, which is balanced out by the attractive round, bouffant shape at the crown!  With a cute braid and pretty earrings, her profile looks great!

Rough-finish platinum blonde low bun

This quick and easy low hair-knot can be a rock chick fashion statement, or a life saver when you get up late after after a night on the town!  Just twist and pin your hair at the nape in a messy, but contemporary look.  Any style with brown roots and neutral blonde is super-fashionable right now!

Sophisticated plum-brown with blonde highlights

And today’s final hairstyle is another gorgeous new twist on the low chignon, in a style you can achieve on medium long hair. The base colour is brown, but with a high percentage of neutral-blonde highlights, stray white hairs are concealed and the overall look’s softer.  It’s a great special occasion hairstyle for women over 40, too!

I hope you’re feeling suitably inspired by today’s new ideas and ready to try lots of new bun and chignon styles.  They do look fantastic on highlighted hair and you can design your own style, too!

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