Cute Short Haircut for Women: Shaggy Edgy Med-Short Bob – Tiffani Thiessen’s Hairstyle

This is a fabulous look for anyone with thick hair who loves edgy, subversive style!

The hair is cut into a medium bob, with a fabulous oval silhouette which is broken up by the heavy texturing at the ends.  This contrasts with the smoothness above by creating a shaggy, almost ragged outline.

The off-centre parting is crooked and the extra-long fringe hangs untidily over one eye to finish with a defined strand accentuating the mouth.  The overall effect is ultra-casual and projects an unstyled look that signals rebellion and individuality!

But even within the anti-establishment vibe, this style has a flattering shape and the curved outline focusses attention on Tiffani’s dainty chin!

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