80 Best Short Hairstyles & Haircuts for Women

Classic Pixie cut

Are you searching for a fresh and stylish look? Look no further – short hairstyles and haircuts are the perfect solution for the modern woman. From edgy pixies to chic bobs, the world of short hair is filled with endless possibilities. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the latest short hairstyles and haircuts for women, as well as provide expert tips on choosing the perfect look for your individual style and needs. Embrace the transformative power of short hair and take your style to new heights with our ultimate guide to short hairstyles.

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short hairstyles
short hairstyle for women

I. Benefits of Short Hairstyles

A. Easy Maintenance

  • Less time spent on styling and washing
  • Fewer hair products needed
  • Lower likelihood of hair damage

B. Stylish and Versatile

  • Wide range of short hairstyles to suit various face shapes and personal styles
  • Ability to experiment with different looks

C. Comfort and Convenience

  • Lighter weight, especially during summer months
  • Less likely to cause headaches or neck strain
  • Ideal for active lifestyles

II. Types of Popular Short Hairstyles for Women

1. Pixie Cut

1.1 Classic Pixie

A timeless, close-cropped haircut featuring short layers and often paired with side-swept or wispy bangs, offering a chic and low-maintenance look.

Classic Pixie cut

1.2 Long Pixie:

A longer version of the pixie cut, with more length at the top and sides, allowing for versatile styling options and a slightly softer appearance.

Long Pixie

1.3 Pixie with Side-Swept Bangs

A pixie cut complemented by longer, side-swept bangs that frame the face and add a touch of femininity to the style.

Pixie with Side Swept Bangs

1.4 Pixie with Undercut

A modern take on the classic pixie cut, featuring shaved or closely cropped sides and a longer top section, adding an edgy touch to the look.

Pixie with Undercut

2. Bob

2.1 Blunt Bob

A straight, sharp-cut bob hairstyle that falls at chin level, offering a sophisticated and polished appearance.

Blunt Bob

2.2 Layered Bob

A versatile bob haircut with added layers for movement, texture, and volume, enhancing the overall look.

Layered Bob

2.3 A-Line Bob

A bob haircut that gradually becomes longer towards the front, creating an “A” shape, which adds a modern and flattering touch to the classic bob.

A Line Bob

2.4 Inverted Bob

A bob cut with shorter layers at the back and longer layers towards the front, creating a stylish and edgy look.

Inverted Bob

2.5 Asymmetrical Bob

A bob haircut with one side longer than the other, adding a unique and eye-catching element to the style.

Asymmetrical Bob

2.6 Curly Bob

A bob haircut tailored for curly hair, enhancing natural curls and creating a bouncy, voluminous look.

Curly Bob

2.7 Lob (Long Bob)

A longer version of the bob, falling at or just below shoulder level, offering a more conservative yet fashionable option.

Lob Long Bob

2.8 Textured Bob

A bob haircut with added layers and texture, providing a relaxed, effortless, and voluminous appearance.

Textured Bob

2.9 French Bob

A chin-length french bob featuring a straight fringe, reminiscent of the classic Parisian chic style.

French Bob hairstyle 2
French Bob hairstyle 1

3. Buzz Cut

An ultra-short hairstyle created using clippers, providing a bold, low-maintenance look that works well for various face shapes.

Buzz Cut for women

4. Undercut

4.1 Side Undercut

A haircut featuring an undercut on one side, paired with longer hair on the other side, creating a striking contrast and a unique, edgy look.

Side Undercut

4.2 Nape Undercut

A hairstyle with the back hairline closely shaved or cropped, while the top and sides remain longer, adding a subtle yet fashionable touch.

Nape Undercut

4.3 Disconnected Undercut

An undercut hairstyle where the top section of hair is significantly longer and disconnected from the closely shaved sides, creating a dramatic contrast.

Disconnected Undercut

5. Shag

5.1 Short Shag

A multi-layered, textured haircut that adds volume and movement, perfect for a fun and playful look.

Short Shag

5.2 Modern Shag

A more refined version of the short shag, featuring longer layers and a softer texture, offering a stylish yet manageable option.

short Modern Shag

6. Bowl Cut

A vintage-inspired haircut featuring a straight fringe and a rounded shape, reminiscent of a bowl, creating a unique and eye-catching appearance.

Bowl Cut

7. Choppy Layers

A short hairstyle featuring uneven, choppy layers that add texture and movement, perfect for a carefree and stylish appearance.

Choppy Layers

8. Tapered Cut

A short haircut that gradually tapers from longer hair at the top to shorter hair around the sides and back, offering a sleek and modern appearance.

Tapered Cut

9. Faux Hawk

A daring hairstyle featuring longer hair at the top styled upwards, with shorter sides, mimicking the look of a mohawk without the commitment of shaving the sides.

Faux Hawk

10. Slicked Back

A short hairstyle where the top section of hair is styled backward using hair products, providing a polished and sophisticated appearance.

short Slicked Back hairstyle for women

11. Quiff

A versatile hairstyle featuring a prominent section of hair at the front, styled upward and away from the forehead, offering a classic yet trendy look.

Quiff hairstyle for women

12. Finger Waves

A vintage-inspired hairstyle characterized by sculpted waves close to the head, achieved using fingers and hair products, providing an elegant and glamorous appearance.

Finger Waves hairstyle for women

13. Short Cropped Curls

A hairstyle tailored for naturally curly hair, featuring tight, cropped curls that enhance the hair’s texture and create a voluminous, bouncy look.

Short Cropped Curls

III. How to Choose the Right Short Hairstyle

A. Assess Your Face Shape

  • Determine your face shape (e.g., oval, round, square, heart, or diamond)
  • Choose a short hairstyle that complements and balances your facial features

B. Consider Your Hair Type

  • Understand your hair’s texture and thickness
  • Choose a hairstyle that works well with your hair’s natural characteristics

C. Reflect Your Personal Style

  • Identify your preferred aesthetic (e.g., classic, edgy, or playful)
  • Choose a short hairstyle that aligns with your personal style and makes you feel confident

D. Consult with a Professional

  • Speak with a hairstylist for personalized advice and recommendations
  • Bring photos of your desired hairstyle for reference during your consultation

These popular short hairstyles for women cater to a wide range of preferences, face shapes, and hair types. It’s essential to choose a hairstyle that complements your features, works with your hair type, and aligns with your lifestyle and personal style. Consulting with a professional hairstylist can also provide personalized advice and guidance to help you achieve the perfect short hairstyle for you, we have added more latest new short hairstyles for you to choose from, and enjoy.

Grown out short hairstyles become short bob on golden-brown hair

This is a great daily hairstyle for anyone with an oval face and thick hair. It’s quite long for a pixie haircut and really demonstrates how you can continue with simple hairstyles when your pixie is growing out. The long layers rely on dense hair to create a lovely rounded shape at the back, graduated to curve in nicely at the nape. The side parting can be worn as a center or off-center parting on an oval face, and drapes over one side in an extra-long fringe.

This is a soft look, with pretty curves and long side-burns that really makes the best of medium-thick, straight hair.

Fashionable forward styling with boy-cut back

Fine hair is not usually thick enough to get sufficient density for a wedge cut.  However, you can have an equally trendy style, like this short back and sides with long layers left on top.  It’s usually warm when with a side parting and extra-long side swept bangs.

Best long pixie cut for women over 50

pixie cut for women over 50

She looks absolutely stunning with her stylish earrings that perfectly complement her blonde pixie cut. The dark roots add depth and dimension to her overall look, giving her a trendy and edgy vibe. But what truly sets this hairstyle apart is the little touch of red color on the tips. It adds a playful and adventurous twist, bringing a touch of fun to the classic pixie cut. Whether you’re a woman over 50 or someone looking for a youthful and chic style, this long pixie cut is the perfect choice. It has the power to transform your appearance and make you look younger and more vibrant than ever before. Embrace the elegance and confidence that comes with this stunning pixie cut and style. You won’t be disappointed!

Blended purple, pink, orange & yellow hair color ideas

colorful hair ideas

This is a real show-stopping style, which won a very prestigious hair award this year. It also shows how to mingle a range of fantasy hair colors successfully. The key is to choose the right shades – usually all warm or all cool shades. So cool purple transitions beautifully into heliotrope pink, as they are both cool colors. But we normally class orange and yellow as warm shades. Hmmm!

The trick is to use a just small amount of coral-pink orange. And as yellow can be warm or cool – think egg-yolk versus lemon – choose a strong, cool Canary yellow. The confidence with which these strong shades have been mix-and-matched is one of the most attractive features of this gorgeous hair color design. And it will always project an unforgettable image of confident femininity for the wearer!

Voluminous and Bold Blue Bob

Short edgy haircut for women: Piled on top with heaps of volume and finished off with a bright, look-at-me blue hair color, this bold style surely isn’t for everyone! If you’re looking to make a statement wherever you go and love the edgier styles in life, consider this vibrant and powerful style. Don’t forget the side part and tousling to add to the edgy effect.

Vintage pixie cuts are perfect daily hairstyles for round faces

Short haircut for round face shapes: I love the current trend for 50’s and 60’s vintage clothes, which were smarter and more tailored than the ubiquitous T-shirt and leggings! This super-cute pixie cut is just right for wearing with your pretty, new outfits, as it was introduced by U.S. film star Mia Farrow in the 60’s. You can adjust the side-parting to flatter a round face perfectly and the sharp side-points diminish the curviness of round cheeks with a lightly tousled, modern finish!

Naturally grey pixie

If you’re a woman over 50 and some of grey has started to set in, here’s how you can wear a modern cut while still keeping your natural color. We support you doing both.

The Extreme Pixie from Emma

Many celebrities have moved toward the trend of the extreme pixie, which includes very close-cropped hair with a great amount of sculpting. Just take a look at such celebrities as Keira Knightly, Halle Berry, and Emma Watson. These celebrities are all part of the reason why so many people are choosing the extremely short style. This bold look is definitely one of the most popular short cut for this year.

If you are feeling bold, then you should consider this extreme pixie style. In order to get the look that you want, be sure to print out a picture of the celebrity look and then take it to your stylist. Keep in mind that the sculpting needed for this style can take some time, so be prepared to allow your stylist to work.

Crisp & stylish black and white-blonde pixie cut

If you love a high-fashion look with geometric cutting and strong lines, here’s something for you. Thick straight hair is thinned and shaped into forward moving curves highlighted in platinum-blonde and increasing in density until the side-swept extra-long fringe is totally white.

Color contrasts accentuate the lovely texture and shape of this stylish precision-cut pixie hairstyle, with a 3-point finish at the nape.

20 Hottest Short Hairstyles, Short Haircuts for Women

A trendy short dark longer pixie cut for women.

Dove grey pixie cut with lilac balayage and extra-long asymmetrical fringe

There are lots of new ideas in stylish pixie cut ideas right now, reflecting our love of diversity and experimentation. This easy-style asymmetrical pixie has 4 separate and attractive viewpoints to admire. However, it’s also been bleached and tinted a medium-grey shade with rich pinky-lavender highlights.

On the longer side the colours divide the long fringe from the short back and there are a few light touches of lavender accentuating the curve and volume at the back.

Red short hairstyles with bangs

Daily hairstyles are almost more important than evening hairstyles, because they create an image that everyone in your life sees! They should complement your skin tone and be easy hairstyles to do every morning, too! Here’s a confident pixie cut and colour with short, feathered bangs and plenty of texture and 3-D reflections across the top. It’s more suitable for an oval face, than a long face (as shown here).

But the glory of this cute pixie cut is the rich, red colour that’s a great way to warm-up pale skin-tones, which the model definitely does demonstrate! Pixie haircuts with short bangs are flattering for all age groups and most faces, except thin, long or square faces.

Lavender, blue and brown short angled blunt bob with bangs

Definitely one of the best hair color jobs on the planet! And it’s pretty rare that we ever say that. The way the lavender and light blue blends in so well with the brown is mesmerizing in every way. And with a short blunt bob like this one? It’s perfection. Truly perfection!

Asymmetrical bob with choppy layers and highlights

This bob haircut has an A-line back and choppy layers all throughout. And although her hair is already pretty thick, what makes it appear to have even more volume is the fact that it’s darker with blonde highlights on top.

Wavy bob with blunt bangs

If your hair is naturally wavy, you might be hesitant about adding some bangs. But with a bit of product and a big barrel curling iron, you can make your bangs super straight—a nice contrast to your otherwise curly bob.

Loose waves bob with three-tone color for thick hair

At first glance, you might think that her hair is naturally this color. That’s the sign of someone who has a great stylist! Actually, this is color-treated with about three different shades. A good idea if you’re someone who wants your thin hair to seem a bit thicker than it actually is.

Violet graduated bob (back view)

Hair color ideas for short hair: If you like the experiment with color, take the risk and go with a shade like this violet one. It’s deep enough to not appear too jarring but still radical enough to have lots of people ask you “Where do you get your hair done?”

Long Blonde Choppy Bob with Waves

You simply can’t go wrong with waves like these! They’re messy, youthful, and perfect for casual days when you’re out spending hours in the shops downtown. And we’re absolutely adoring her bright blonde locks- not too light so they’re overbearing, but just light enough to glisten against the sunlight. A great hairstyle choice to consider for summer 2016!

Stacked bob with bold blonde highlights

What we like about hairstyles like this one is that the coloring is what helps to bring out the cut. That’s why we highly-recommend that you get a top-rated stylist to pull off this look. From the tapering of the neckline to the bold chunks of blonde coloring on the first couple of layers, it’s a professional look that needs a professional’s touch.

Bob hairstyles with 3-band colours coffee, cream and strawberry pink

African American hairstyles: This is a gorgeous, new look I haven’t seen before! The 3-band colour design is like a lovely Neapolitan ice-cream of coffee, cream and strawberry pink, for a very cute African American hairstyles’ option! Short, choppy styles flatter round, oval, heart and long faces making it easily one of the most popular hairstyles for spring/summer! Keep the height on top if you have a round face, but comb it flat if you have a long face. Pink curves either side of the chin add width on a heart face. This original twist will freshen up any choppy bob and be one of the most popular hairstyles for black women who love being first with a new look!

Wild Colored Short Choppy Bob

If there’s one thing that’s on the top of the charts for this year, it’s this: wild colors! And this particular choppy bob hairstyle showcases the art of wild style perfectly. If you’re in the mood to step out of the box and try on a crazy, look-at-me style, consider adding splashes of blue, purple, and blonde to your mane, and finish with a trendy side part.

Golden A-line bob hairstyles for black women

If your skin-tone is warm you’ll look better with a medium-blonde colour design. This A-line bob is shown in profile to capture the beautiful asymmetry and cute caramel, gold and honey blonde tones.

This is one of the most popular hairstyles for thick hair types, as the stacked back is all that’s needed to create a fashionable curved shape at the back. And if you prefer not to waste time fiddling with your hair to make it look good, this bob is an easy hairstyles choice .

It’s a trendy bob hairstyles option, which suits a wide range of face shapes including oval, round and long. The side-parting and diagonal section across the face breaks-up a circular face and ‘shortens’ a long face. This gorgeous colour actually has three different shades blended together and will accentuate gold or olive undertones in your skin-tone and in a very flattering way!

Long pixie cut with bangs in blue and sea-green

If you’re one of the ‘young and restless’, this fab long pixie cut is stylish and unmissable! You’ll certainly get yourself noticed in this bobby-dazzler pixie hairstyle, in vivid sea-green plus royal-blue highlights around the crown. Maybe not one of the recommended daily hairstyles for school, but you can express your individuality in the holidays for winter, spring and summer!

This example of teen short hairstyles with bangs, is fashionably based on a long pixie cut for medium or thick hair. It has lots of layers to create an easy hairstyle with an attractive curved shape and diagonal thick bangs. Notice how the model has matched the hair colour to her gorgeous blue eyes and cool skin-tone. Suitable for a long, round, oval or heart-shaped faces.

Best chic short haircuts for thick brunette hair

Here’s a very easy pixie haircut to style, making it high up on the list of popular daily short hairstyles that fall into place with no fuss. Long pixie haircuts can also be a short bob and this one has beautifully cut, vertical, sliced layering for thick or coarse hair. This removes any bulk and shapes a lovely curve from crown to nape.

Extra volume around the crown comes from combing the long layers forwards. Daily hairstyles with a blurred side-parting, showing a bit of forehead and with a long, draped fringe are great for oval, round, long and heart-shape faces. The back is brushed to one side, showing amazing texture and making this an outstanding short hairstyle. This smooth, short haircut suits most face shapes and a sophisticated image!

bob hairstyles for black women in yellow-blonde

Extreme asymmetry remains a feature of the edgiest popular hairstyles for spring/summer. This bob has double asymmetry with a lovely long sweep from stack-cut layers beginning half-way down the back. And the front reveals unexpected, uneven sides with the right reaching just below the collar-bone and the left brushing the collar-bone!

And complementing this original, smooth bob hairstyle, is the fab shade of yellow-blonde.With a little back-combing (teasing) on top to add height, this original example of Spring/Summer bob hairstyles for black women flatters oval, round or heart-faces.

Do you love these short haircut idea.s Find more latest hairstyles on hairstylesweekly.com

short red hairstyle with bangs
short hairstyle with bangs

This young lady is wearing a beautiful side-parted bob, with long, soft layers falling toward her face. The side bangs and red hair color make this bob cut more fashinable.

short pixie haircut for women over 40
short pixie haircut for women over 40

Redhead: Angled Bob

short red haircut

An angled red bob hairstyle is a bold and stylish choice that can be dressed up or down for any occasion. It’s important to maintain the color and shape of the hairstyle with regular trims and touch-ups to keep it looking fresh and vibrant.

Here’s how to achieve this hairstyle:

  1. Start by choosing a shade of red that complements your skin tone and personal style. You can consult with your hairstylist to find the perfect shade for you.
  2. Ask your stylist to create an angled bob by cutting the hair shorter in the back and gradually longer towards the front. The angle of the bob should be determined by your face shape and features.
  3. To add texture and dimension to the hairstyle, ask your stylist to add layers to the bob. This will create movement and give the hair a softer, more natural look.
  4. Once the haircut is complete, style the hair with a curling iron or straightener, depending on the look you want to achieve. You can add volume to the crown area by backcombing or teasing the hair.
  5. Finish the look with a hairspray or styling product to hold the style in place and add shine.
short Asian bob hairstyle
short Asian bob hairstyle

You can never go wrong with a classic bob with bangs, very chic with the ends softly turned under.

pixie haircut with long bangs
pixie haircut with long bangs
short haircut
chic short bob hairstyle for girls
chic short bob hairstyle

A classic bob with long layers and razored ends gives this look a high fashion edge.

cute pixie cut for short hair
cute pixie cut with long bangs
layered bob hairstyle
layered bob hairstyle

Brunette hairstyles highlighting shades

With simple brunette hairstyles like this you can really go to town on the highlights and the trendy shades are burgundy with a hint of copper, dark berry red, deep rich copper and bright gold along with caramel, honey and butterscotch. Yummy!

edgy short haircut
shaggy hairstyle
textured bob hairstyle

Short wavy bob hair style

trendy short hairstyle 2022
trendy short hairstyle

If you have a chin length short “do”, try going retro-by combing a deep side part into your hair, section off the bang area and pin out of your way. Comb remainder of your hair back, close to your head using a good gel.

To achieve the stand up wave in the front, take the section of bang you set aside, and roll it on medium to large rollers by combing section(s) back till it is just above your scalp and roll forward. The roller should be sitting on top of the section, when hair is dry carefully comb out curl and push wave into place as in photo above. Spray with medium to extra hold hairspray to finish.

short black hairstyle
short black hairstyle
textured bob haircut
textured bob haircut
short classic bob haircut
short classic bob haircut

The shape of your face plays a key role in determining which bob hairstyle will suit you best. For example, a round face shape can benefit from a longer bob with layers, while a square face shape may look best with a chin-length bob.

short bob haircut for women
short bob haircut for women
cute short bob hairstyle for thick hair
cute short bixie cut for thick hair
short bob hair style with bangs
short bob hair style with bangs
20 Hottest Short Hairstyles, Short Haircuts for Women
20 Hottest Short Hairstyles, Short Haircuts for Women

Layered Bob Style

Hottest Short Hairstyles, Short Haircuts for Women

This fabulous choppy layered bob is styled in a casual tousled finish which is playful and light.  The highlights create exciting texture following the movement of the hair around the head and the curved-in sides cut the roundness seen in faces with full cheeks.

balayage bob hair style
chic a-line bob hairstyle
cute short blonde bob hairstyle

Your hair type will also influence the style of bob that will work best for you. For example, if you have fine hair, a blunt bob with minimal layering can add fullness and body to your hair. If you have thick hair, a choppy, layered bob can help to reduce the weight and make it more manageable.

short bob hairstyle with glasses
blunt bob hairstyle for short hair
blunt bob hairstyle for short hair
short bob hairstyle for moms
short bob hairstyle for moms

When choosing a bob hairstyle, it’s important to consider your lifestyle and how much time and effort you are willing to put into styling your hair. If you lead a busy lifestyle, a low-maintenance, easy-to-style bob may be a better choice than a more high-maintenance option.

short hairstyle for women over 50
short hairstyle for women over 50
20 Hottest Short Hairstyles, Short Haircuts for Women
wavy bob hairstyle with bangs
wavy bob hairstyle for short hair

An easy, romantic look for a short bob is a profusion of spiral curls.  This look is easy to achieve with a medium to large barrel curling iron or hot rollers.  When all of the curls are in place, just fluff with fingers, and finish with medium to extra hold hairspray and add hair jewelry for sparkle.

20 Hottest Short Hairstyles, Short Haircuts for Women
best short haircut for women over 40
best short haircut for women over 40

Once again, this may be a style best left to your favorite hairstylist-however this roaring 20s inspired look is very formal for a very short haircut, such as a “pixie”  It really sets off your eyes and smile!

best short hairstyle for work
best short hairstyle for work
best bob hairstyle 2022
trendy bob hairstyle

short pink red bob hair style

master of soft balatage bob hair style
master of soft balayage bob hair style
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