Short Summer Hair Idea: Elizabeth Banks’ Short Straight Cut

Elizabeth Banks short haircut: straight bob cut

Simple easy daily hairstyle for women

The rose-gold and light copper tones are totally up-to-the-minute with Hollywood’s favorite summer colours!  This simple, edgy cut is made doubly eye-catching by the stripes of trendy colour added throughout the hair in a strict pattern.

Elizabeth’s amazing hair has sliced strands tapering down to almost ragged ends that contrast with the smooth top and uniform highlighting.

The style has a slightly off-centre parting and shorter layers at the front to create a half-fringe on one side of the forehead and a jaw length strand on the other.  These emphasise Elizabeth’s eyes and mouth in a flattering way.

The wispy tips and copper blonde highlights make this youthful cut completely individual and highly contemporary!

This short straight bob haircut is perfect for women under 30. Find more bob hairstyles here. And here are some popular bob hairstyles for 2014.

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