Short Wigs – the Short-Cut to Stylish Hair for Fun or Formal Events!

short bob wigs for women

Want to get a cute pixie haircut, or a short bob hairstyle – but can’t bear to cut your long hair? Then all you need is one of the fabulous natural or synthetic bob wigs that can solve all of your hair problems in one go! I started wearing short wigs in my teens just because I loved having different fashion looks instantly available, but didn’t want to cut my long hair! Or maybe you have medical issues that are affecting your hair growth or you have naturally fine or thin hair.

So today I’m going to explain what options there are on offer for you to have a quick hairstyle wig makeover whenever you feel like a change!

short bob wigs for women
A girl with a stylish short bob wig

Short human hair wigs

First of all, you’ll need to decide whether you prefer a human hair wig or a synthetic fibre wig. Human hair comes in all qualities and that includes low quality. So don’t assume that a real hair wig will look better than a synthetic fibre one. If you do decide to buy a real hair wig, you need to look for Premium or Remy hair. This is hair that has been made into a wig with all of the cuticles attached to go in the same direction, like your own hair. So you need this to get easy to style smooth and shiny hair, whether the wig is straight, waved or curly.

Two types of synthetic short wigs

On the other hand, with the advances in technology all around us these days, synthetic wigs of the highest quality can look better than a cheaper real hair wig. And high-quality synthetic wigs are still much cheaper than most human hair wigs.  There’s now a new type of synthetic hair called ‘heat-friendly synthetic’. This allows you to use heated styling tools, on a low setting, to add waves or curls, or to straighten the fibres. So this is a synthetic wig that’s cheaper than human hair, but has some of the styling versatility of a real hair wig.

Styling pros & cons

You can re-style, dye, curl or straighten real hair wigs, or let your hairdresser do it for you, of course. Ordinary synth wigs can’t be treated in any way with heat styling tools. And they can’t be dyed. So the only change you can make is to have them cut into a different style or length. HD or heat-friendly synthetic wigs can be lightly styled with low temperature heat tools, but can’t be dyed.

Temporary hair loss

If you’re choosing a short wig because your natural hair is falling out, because of chemo or alopecia, this will influence the type of wig you should choose. For example, chemo-therapy causes short-term hair loss. So many women don’t need to cover up with a wig for much more than 6 months. If this is your case, consider buying a one style synthetic wig. It’s the cheapest option and an economical, but still attractive, wig choice. In addition, a synthetic wig needs almost no special care or maintenance. After washing, they always return to the style they were made in, so you never need to spend time styling them. And this may be a significant advantage to a wearer who is often tired owing to a medical issue.

Permanent hair loss

On the other hand, if you have long-term alopecia or other type of hair loss, you may prefer to invest in a human hair wig. Well-maintained, real hair wigs can last in good condition for a year or more of frequent wear. So this makes them more economical for long-term use, than having to replace a synthetic wig 2 or 3 times a year. But bear in mind that human hair wigs need to be washed and conditioned at a rate of every 8 – 10 wears. Or if you wear a wig-cap and a ‘The Headliner’ sweat-absorbing cap, you’ll avoid getting scalp oil seeping into the wig. And this lets some wearers go for up to 20 wears between wash and conditioning.

Fantasy and fun short bob wigs

With rainbow colours and short bob haircuts so fashionable right now, and a strong trend for the future, you can wear pink, purple, blue or striped rainbow short bob wigs. Lots of us like to have different ‘looks’ for our leisure activities, without having to pay the high prices of having your own hair coloured. You can wear professional hairstyles at work, and  go crazy with more creative short wig styles ‘after-hours’! And in the heat of a night club or steamy beach bar, wearing a short wig that leaves your nape free of hair can be very cooling and comfy.

Indoor or outdoor wear?

It’s also important to take into account the climate in which you live, before you choose which fibre is best for you. If it tends to be humid or rainy for a lot of the year, you may find that a long human hair wig tends to go flat when you spend time out-of-doors. However, if you prefer to buy a real hair wig, you’ll find that a short style will keep its shape and volume better. And you should always protect your real hair wig from the sun with a sunhat, or the colour will fade like any human hair. If you spend a lot of time out of doors or doing sporty activities, a short, synthetic wig will never lose its style or go frizzy, in any weather conditions. And you can take a shower after your workout without finding that your shower cap squashes it down. If the unnatural shine of your short synthetic wig bothers you, just spray it with dry-shampoo and this will mute the shine completely.

Long or short bob wigs

Long wigs are very expensive items and the fact is that they never look quite as natural as a short wig can. Although wigs are worn by women of all ages and for many different reasons, short bob wigs are the best-sellers. Short styles are always the trendiest new looks created by hairstyle designers. And that means that pixies and short bob wigs will give you a constantly fashionable image and face-flattering shape. The process of trying on lots of different short bob wig styles is a far better way to find out what really suits your face. Much safer than getting a real short haircut and hoping your stylist knows how to make it suit your individual face! And once you get started with short wigs, you’ll realize what a universally flattering and inexpensive way it is to have a variety of ‘great hair’ days – every day of the year!

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