26 Best Short Bob Hairstyles for Women All The Time

straight bob haircut

Prepare to be amazed, ‘cos you’ve never seen anything like today’s gallery of super-cute bob hairstyles! Lots of great ideas have been put into the hair-design blender and the short hairstyles that have emerged for this season are just fantastic!

Stylish brunette long asymmetrical bob hairstyles

Her face says it all, she’s delighted with this cute asymmetrical bob hairstyles’ makeover and so she should be – it looks trendy and stylish and suits her face shape perfectly!  Medium and thick hair can be cut into fashionable long and easy hairstyles like this popular inverted bob.  With vertical, ‘sliced layers’, which create interesting texture and movement at the sides, you still have long hair – but in a far more interesting and face flattering shape.

Pretty precision-cut inverted bob hairstyles with dual highlighting on brunette base

Vertical streaks are another hair color idea that’s a popular hairstyle choice this year.  High-fashion short hairstyles with a dark brown/black base make the perfect ‘canvas’ for a creative colorist to add some eye-catching color accents.  Dual highlights in blonde and caramel have been applied in vertical lines of varying widths to keep the look from being too uniform and to add texture for a great 3-D effect that makes medium to fine hair look thicker!

Hollywood red-carpet bob hairstyles with loose waves & caramel top above honey-blonde ombré

Layered bob haircut with ombre color. It’s no accident that this model has been pictured in front of a beautiful, natural-wood door because the natural wood grain patterns of wood are one of the popular inspiration for beautifully harmonized brown and blonde hair color ideas on the latest cute hairstyles for this season.  This is an elegant but artfully tousled wavy bob hairstyles’ idea that is equally at home at a formal event, like a dinner-dance or a summer wedding or, judging by the studded collar of the model’s top, as a casual look for ‘hanging out’ with friends!

Trendy textured tousled bob hairstyles for medium & fine hair

Not only is this hot bob hairstyles‘ design totally trendy and edgy, it’s a great cute hairstyles’ idea for fine hair needing a bit of extra body!  Fine hair isn’t necessarily sparse, you can have lots of hair to play with, but the hair-shafts are so smooth and fine they fit together in a compact look.  So – what you need to do is add some wiggly lines that stop the hair lying in sleek sections!  This easy hairstyle‘s cut in long layers to retain the density of the hair, with lots of texturing in the tips to continue the carefree, tousled theme.

Adorable casual blonde bob hairstyles for curly hair

On hair with some natural wave, this lovely bob hairstyle‘s a chic, youthful and easy hairstyle for all ages.  Suitable for fine or medium hair, the hair is cut in long layers, with a little shaping from convex layering at the ends to create textured tips that will flick-up naturally.  Styles with chin-length end-volume are great for heart-shaped faces and with extra volume at the sides, this charming short hairstyle‘s perfect for adding width to a thin or long face!

Gleaming golden-blonde bob hairstyles for thick hair and round face

Suitable for thick to medium hair, the long layers of this bob hairstyle show off some very nifty hair color ideas.  The smooth lines of beautifully tapered hair at the nape come together in the center, where a small stacked-back point is just visible.  The inverted bob has a steeply graduated line reaching down to the collar-bone at the front.  The tousled finish reveals a hot new hair color trend with caramel roots and ombré, divided by a broad, horizontal band of golden-blonde on the top layers!

Glam black & blonde hair color ideas on waves

Here’s another cute hairstyles’ idea for medium hair showing how asymmetric bob hairstyles graduated down to drape over the shoulders at the front are full of trendy new ideas.  From natural black roots, the hair is lightly touched with blonde balayage and then switches to glamorous, Hollywood-style close waves.  With a side parting and a lovely sweep of hair making long, wavy bangs across the face, this is a great wavy bob hairstyles‘ option for oval, heart and angular faces that need a ‘softening’ frame.

Elegant bob hairstyles with coffee & cream swirls inspire fabulous new hair color ideas

There’s no doubt about it, loose waves on inverted bob hairstyles are one of the most popular short hairstyles choices for this summer.  Unlike long waves, which can be time-consuming to style and difficult to control in outdoor events, medium bob hairstyles are the perfect short hairstyles to wear at a summer party or wedding celebration, where an especially chic look is required!  The talented colorist has used a well-balanced blend of balayage highlights in caramel and chestnut, along with a soft blonde ombré accentuating the face-flattering long, wavy layer.

Super-cute bob hairstyles with circle braid in pastel purple and white-blonde ombré

If this cute hairstyles confection doesn’t say wedding guest, bridesmaid or ‘bridal hairstyle for summer’, I don’t know what does!  It’s a great special event look that really perks up any medium bob hairstyle into a gorgeous coiffure!  Circlet braids with vertical strands are a very trendy and charming look linked to traditional images of a ‘country bride’, but this short hairstyle’s also the height of urban-chic.  Loose waves and a hair color idea that moves from dark to pale gold to pastel purple and white-blonde ombré make this an exciting, new and super-cute hairstyles’ idea!

Fab long to medium bob hairstyles’ makeover for thick hair

What a great example of how a new medium-short hairstyles’ makeover can totally change your image.  The model’s long hair was originally cut in edgy choppy and chunky layers creating lots of texture and an unconventional look.  But the after photo shows us an altogether more sophisticated woman, who looks younger and more fashionable.  Inverted bob hairstyles with a beautiful round shape at the back and a sexy, side-swept fringe flatter oval, round, heart and square face shapes – so if you want a more attractive new image – try this!

Cute & trendy triple blonde/gray highlights on long inverted bob hairstyles

In the fashionable spirit of ‘mix and match’, this long blonde bob hairstyles’ inspiration is highlighted in very similar colors to the model’s pretty, caramel and beige leopard-print cardigan!  The innovative hair color idea doesn’t stop there, either! There are some super-trendy gray streaks adding to the overall 3-D color dimension, which always helps long, medium – fine hair appear thicker.  This lovely long inverted bob hairstyle’s steeply graduated and suits round and oval faces!

Elegant simplicity of perfect long blonde blunt-cut easy hairstyles

There’s a lot to be said for elegant simplicity – especially if your hair is naturally or tinted an eye-catching shade that attracts compliments.  This beautifully-done blonde fall of straight hair has blunt-cut tips to add a solid outline to fine hair in long, cute hairstyles for SS16.  With no clashing dark roots, this is such a lovely shade of natural-looking blonde it needs no extra tricks to be a gorgeous long bob hairstyles’ idea!

Jazzy ginger flashes to perk-up wavy short hairstyles

If you prefer a quirky, playful look then here’s a great new bob hairstyles’ idea that uses waves, highlighting and ‘disconnected layers’ to really perk-up short hairstyles!  Suitable for medium to fine hair, and a heart, square, long, oval or thin face shape, the centre parting ends in trendy, straight-across bangs that cover the forehead and accentuate the eyes.  Note how the top layer at the sides overlaps the shorter lower lengths to produce defined, twisty waves with jazzy, ginger highlights emphasising the fabulous texture and movement!

New twist classic long blunt-cut bob hairstyles with dual-blonde highlights and subtle gray ombré

Blonde gradually changing to gray towards the ends give the most popular hairstyles this year, such as long, blunt-cut bob hairstyles, a trendy, new twist. The cute hairstyles can also be easy hairstyles for those who are short on time, but long on personal style.   So straight hair, with a witty reverse on the gray roots we usually try to hide, is a great bob hairstyles’ look for long hair that needs some added shape and up-to-date personality!

Fancy feathery edges on easy bob hairstyles with bangs for thick brunette hair

The bowl-cut is never far from the fashion pages as it’s such an easy hairstyles choice to manage and makes lots of different cute hairstyles for anyone with thick, straight hair.  This is one of the season’s most fashionable, cute and easy short hairstyles all rolled into one bob.  Hairstyles with razored layering and pretty, textured tips softening the outline are a super short hairstyles idea for round faces. With the softly graduated line down from the sides of the fringe, the focus is kept on the centre face in very face-flattering chin-length, natural bob hairstyles.

Tips for balancing a large nose with trendy cute hairstyles

First of all, never try to minimise stuff you don’t like by pulling your hair over your face!  It’s such a give-away and draws attention to whatever it is you’re trying to hide!  This model has a slightly prominent nose and to get the best overall balance, you should have an equal amount of extra volume at the back – as shown in this flattering short hairstyle.  The long, straight-across bangs, with slightly longer strands around cheek level, draw attention to the eyes and soften the profile line.  And I love the casually twisted, golden-blonde strands creating texture and wispy width around the mouth and chin, focussing attention where you want it to be!

Cute & easy hairstyles with groovy hair color ideas

Here’s a hairstyle with a great ‘personality’ as the thick hair allows precision-cut smoothness to show-off the graduated cutting line!  The stacked-back is accentuated by the dark tint in the lowest layers, beneath a beautifully curved shape you can only really achieve on thick or coarse hair.  The smoothly textured finish is perfect for daring hair color ideas, such as this delicate shade of lavender-gray-blonde shot through with vertical highlight/lowlights in brown and pale gold, creating a short cute hairstyle that always looks attractive and fashionable!

Asymmetric inverted Mink hair color ideas on short hairstyles with bangs

Mink-brown is a pinky-light-brown shade, which is used to accentuate the curved bangs and sides of this

Fab face-framing smooth bobs for thick brunette hair and round faces

With a clear complexion and pretty features, this model has chosen a cute face-framing haircut that’s also one of the easy hairstyles for manage.  It’s a short hairstyles’ idea that shows how a traditional, chin-length bowl-cut can be updated to a face-flattering style. The bangs finish just above the eye-brows, with careful layering on the ends producing a totally tailor-made look that suits round and oval faces perfectly!

Soft light-brown long cute bob with balayage-ombré in cool blonde

This cute hairstyles’ idea is exactly what you need to impress everyone with your superior sense of style!  It uses the latest hair color ideas on defined straight hair strands to create a 3-D color depth from the contrasting blonde and dark shades.  Best on medium – thick hair this is a sophisticated twist on the season’s popular long, bob hairstyles!

Balance a large nose with messy golden-blonde medium bob with twisty waves

This attractive young model has a large nose with an uneven contour, so the best way to balance it out is to wear a messy bob which also has uneven contours!  Added volume at the back helps balance the nose and the random twisty waves add interesting texture and volume at the sides.  With choppy layers hanging 2 – 3 inches past the chin, this is another super-cute hairstyles’ idea that can be adjusted to suit most face shapes!

The medium straight bob is a versatile and universally flattering hairstyle that has become a go-to choice for young women. This chic and timeless cut typically falls between the chin and shoulder length, making it the perfect canvas for both balayage and ombre techniques. The medium length allows for ample room to showcase the color transition while maintaining a manageable and stylish look.

For young women, the appeal of balayage, ombre, and the medium straight bob lies in their ability to provide a personalized and fashionable look while requiring minimal upkeep. The natural-looking color transition means that regrowth is less noticeable, allowing for longer intervals between salon visits. This low-maintenance aspect is particularly appealing to busy, on-the-go young women who still want to look stylish and put-together.

Balayage, ombre, and the straight bob have become popular choices for young women with brunette hair looking to incorporate blonde highlights into their look. The natural, low-maintenance appeal of these coloring techniques, combined with the versatility and timeless style of the medium straight bob, make them an ideal choice for those seeking a fashionable and personalized hairstyle. As more and more women continue to embrace these trends, it’s clear that balayage, ombre, and the medium straight bob are here to stay, making their mark in the ever-evolving world of hair fashion.

Fine hair bob hairstyles’ cuts with blonde ombré beneath light gold roots

Not all fine hair is thin or sparse, of course, and plenty of women have fine-textured but plentiful hair, which looks lovely cut in classic, blunt-cut bob hairstyles like the one below.  From medium golden blonde roots, the hair swiftly moves into a blonde ombré which harmonises pale blonde with delicate touches of white-blonde around the face and in a subtle border highlighting the curved layer along the bottom edge!

Black & caramel inverted bob hairstyles on straightened black hair

Someone’s looking forward to showing off her trendy, cute hairstyle!  This smiling model has had a straightening treatment before choosing one of  this year’s favorite inverted bob hairstyles, topped off with a rich caramel ombré.  The off-center parting suits oval to round faces and the length draped down to the collar-bone at the front, is the perfect way to add width to a narrow chin!

Seeing how a carefully tailored hair makeover boosts my clients’ self-confidence is one of the most satisfying parts of running a salon!  Wearing super-cute bob hairstyles in newly invented long – short hairstyles – with trendy hair color ideas – helps us all feel renewed and refreshed!

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