7 Ways to Spice Up Your Natural Hair Journey

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The last year has great things in store for your hair!–Even if you don’t know it yet. The new year is the best time to make a bold hair statement and also gives you an excuse to expand on your style.

Here are 7 ways you can spice things up:

1. Get your color on!

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Nothing says “new me” like a good change in hair color! From blonde to brunette and the many facets of red, play up your ‘do with a little color. Been dye’ing to get your plum on? Be bold and try it! If you’re not feeling ball-sy enough to go all in with a full color, remember, you could always start with highlights.

2. Treat yourself to a fresh cut

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Cut, taper, big chop—just go for it! Even a neat trim is so worth it. Dead ends get you nowhere, girl. Let. It. GO. If you’re really feeling fierce, a tapered ‘fro is so fab!

3. Embrace whatever stage you’re in NOW

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Love your hair from the big chop to the waist length. What kind of journey would it be if you weren’t having fun? Don’t spend time focusing on how long you wish your hair was, or admiring someone else’s curls pattern more than you do your own. Play around with protective styles that work for your hair, and most importantly, LOVE YOUR HAIR!

4. Journal your progress

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Keeping tabs really helps you key in on how well you’re actually taking care of your hair. In your journal, you can detail which products you love and which ones you weren’t so crazy about. You can also track growth, time in between trims and deep conditioning sessions. It might seem like a work, but the progress and results are all absolutely worth it.

5. Take some time off from your hair

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Natural hair can really feel like a 9-5 if you let it. Whenever I start to stress about my hair, I know it’s time to give it a rest. Take this time to have your hair braided, twisted, or even add in some faux locks. It’ll give your hair a break and you a new palate to work on.

6. Join a natural hair community

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Joining a natural hair community can provide you with support, advice, and inspiration from others who are also on their natural hair journey. You can find communities on social media platforms, forums, or even in-person meetups.

7. Use hair accessories

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Hair accessories can add a fun and playful touch to your natural hair. You can try headbands, scarves, hair clips, or even hats.

Now, who’s ready for their best hair yet?! What are some of your hair goals and challenges? Any advice or words of encouragement you’d love to share on your journey?

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