Would You Dare Cut Your Own Bangs?

Messy Bangs

Cutting your own bangs is a very brave thing to do. Of course, you can not eliminate the possibility that you might end up looking like a rag doll if you snipped the wrong spot. You sure do not want that to happen, right?

Messy Bangs
Hairstyle with Bangs

If you feel that you are up for the challenge, then you would be needing more than just courage and a sharp pair of scissors. You have to gear yourself up with the best techniques which will help you achieve a perfectly cut bangs.

Shower Bangs

If it is your first time to cut your own bangs, do not be overly daring just yet. Start with creating a shower bangs which is easier to do. Before you even pick up the shears, make sure first that your hair is completely dry. If you cut your bangs with wet hair, the tendency for it is to shrink when it dries up and you would end up with shower bangs that just reaches half your forehead. Yes, that is an ultimate disaster.

Get a fine tooth comb and create an even and straight partition along your hairline. Comb the strands very carefully to ensure that there are no tangles. Let your hair fall right on your face, making little space just to get a clear sight. Face the mirror. Do not pull your hair downwards as you cut your bangs! Without touching the tips, start cutting from one side to the other. It is best to do this slowly but surely. You may see some unevenness after the first chop. Minimal snips would solve this problem.

Diagonal Bangs

If you are ready to take it to the next level, you can also experiment on creating slanted, side swept bangs. The major mistake that you can do when creating this type of bangs is to gather the hair which you intend to cut and then snip them all at the same time. Not only will this result to bangs that is too short, it will also lead to unacceptable unevenness.

Just like cutting a shower bangs, start with a completely dry hair, create a front partition and comb out all tangles. Using a straight edge ruler as guide will help you achieve a perfectly cut diagonal bangs. Position the ruler close to your bangs and start snipping from the shortest edge towards the longer side. The shorter side of your bangs still has to reach your eyebrows or even longer. Then the longest side should be about ear level.

Tips and Tricks

When cutting your own bangs, have a little more patience. Do not chop with just a single snip of the scissors. Work on one segment at a time so you would not cut too short. Keep in mind that it is easier to trim the strands shorter if in case your cut is too long. If you cut too much hair, there is no way that you can make it grow back in just a second.

Make sure that you have sharp shears too. Repetitive cutting would lead to epic failure. More importantly, make sure that you are facing a mirror which gives you a wide view rather than those small compact mirrors which hinders you from seeing your entire face.

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