Spring Hair Idea for Long Hair

Back View of Simple Sleek Hairstyle

Sleek Simple & Straight – Minimalist Look

This trendy, sleek style is the answer for those who are rebelling against ‘grunge’ and messy styles!

The hair is carefully graduated from the sides down to the back to create a fashionable V-shaped outline.  The theme is symmetry and order and this is achieved in the smoothly brushed crown and neatly combed back sides.

The covered elastic band spanning the hair at the back emphasises the feeling of control. It creates a division between the carefully anchored top sections and the free-flowing sheet of smooth, shiny hair beneath.

This simple look is, nevertheless, a fashion favourite for this season! It is a super example of how effective a minimalist fashion style can be and focusses on the intrinsic beauty of healthy, natural hair!

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