Hairstyle Tips to Tackle Gym Hair

Between work, kids, school, friends, family, sleep, and more, finding time to work out is nearly impossible. In fact, the number one excuse people blame for avoiding the gym is a lack of time. A great way to make time for exercise in a busy schedule is to streamline your pre- and post-workout routine. Avoiding the sweaty, flat ‘do that often follows a good workout leaves more time and less hassle, so you can jump into some cardio during lunch break, or squeeze in a pilates class after you drop the kids off at soccer practice. Here are a few of our favorite tips for how to spend more time being active, and less time on hair damage control.

1. Dry shampoo

If you haven’t already jumped on the dry shampoo bandwagon, do it! Dry shampoo is your friend! Whether your trying to go an extra day without shampooing your locks, looking for a hair pick-me-up after a long flight, or trying to quickly transition from work air to day hair, apply a little dry shampoo and Voila! your mane will suddenly feel cleaner, fresher, less greasy, and more volumized. It can even add texture, or help keep an updo in place.

One of the best uses we’ve found for dry shampoo, however, is as a post-workout miracle worker. A gym bag necessity, stylists recommend you apply your favorite dry shampoo to your roots (we like KMS Hair Play Makeover Spray), flip hair upside down and blow dry for a minute or two, and then flip hair back. This will clear up any oil, sweat, or grease clinging to your strands, and give you instant volume.

2. Updo

What is the quickest way to have great hair when you leave the gym? Leave it just the way it was when you entered! There are a ton of awesome updos that can survive even the most vigorous workouts, but still score tons of style points. Rock a high pony, braided chignon (check out this awesome tutorial), or cute braids to keep hair off the face while your exercising, and off the mind when heading back into public. You could even scoop your hair into a sock bun for style that will hold. If you’re in need of some hair-spiration, check out My Best Friend’s Hair’s advice on hairstyles for the active girl. Whatever style you go with, pull as much hair as possible off of your face and neckline, allowing these sensitive areas to breathe and cool more easily.

Complete the look by throwing on your favorite headband or bandanna to keep sweat off your face. I am a huge fan of American Apparel’s elastic headbands; they flaunt an extensive line, ensuring you can always find the perfect width and material for your hair texture, and the perfect color to pair with your hottest gym outfit. You could also opt for a Save Your Do Gymwrap, which wicks away moisture and heat to keep your head cool while you sweat. Marathon runners and other tough training women across the country are raving about this new high-tech hair accessory. My favorite part? You can throw it right in the wash when it starts to, err, smell.

3. Shine serum

If you’re sporting straight hair or a blowout going into the gym, the best way to preserve your slick style post-workout is to blow dry hair briefly from roots to tips, and then use your fingers to run a shine serum or a light pomade (we are crazy about Bumble and Bumble Shine) down the bottom half of your hair while your head is upside down. To complete the transformation, flip head right side up, run a wide-tooth comb through it, and dab some product over any visible frizz or fly aways. This is a super fast and remarkably easy way to restore the straight, sleek hair you started the day with.

Logging in time at the gym will not only help you look fantastic, but it will leave you feeling better too. Don’t let gym hair cramp your style, or deter you from your gym motivation! Instead, gear your mind towards looking awesome all day long. Try splurging on a cute sporty headband to get yourself psyched at slipping into your workout gear the first chance you get.

Do you have any favorite tips for taking hair from sweaty to stylish without the time and energy of a shower? If so, share them with us! Hairstyles Weekly is always looking for way to harmonize a healthy, active lifestyle with a stylish beauty routine. And our new product matchmaker is a great way to find the tools you need to tackle your gym hair!

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