Spring Hairdos for The Second Day Hair

Do you hear that sound? That, ladies and gentlemen, is the sound of spring. (You survived the polar vortex – congratulations!) Sunshine, birds chirping, beach trips, and minimal hair washing are all right around the corner.

When the weather bursts out of winter, there isn’t time to waste washing and re-washing your hair every day. (Less work = more play.) And to be honest, it really isn’t even good for your hair to wash it every day. So to help you maximize your play time – and your hair’s health – we put together a list of products and styles that will make your second, or third, or fourth day spring ‘dos look fantastic.

Product, product, product

Don’t even think about skipping over this section. I’m serious. If you want to wake up and run out the door, you’re going to have to make an investment. Way too many blogs promise second day hair solutions that just don’t live up to the expectation. Why? Because they try to ignore the obvious need for authentic products that will sustain moisture, texture and volume in your hair. Until the hair gods decide that bad hair days are no longer a thing, they will live on and they will continue to need product.

Common hair issues – and the products to fix them

Problem: My hair is greasy.

If it looks like you washed your hair in oil, fret not! You hear it a lot, but whip out a dry shampoo (we suggest Joico Instant Refresh Dry Shampoo). The secret to using dry shampoo is to spray it at night, leaving more time for excess oil to be absorbed. Then touch it up in the morning as needed.

Style suggestion: Messy waves + hair accessory

The fun doesn’t end there – invest in a fun knit head wrap, then use a sculpting lotion on the bottom half of your hair to create a messy wave look. We suggest Joico Joilotion Sculpting Lotion.

Problem: My hair is flat and lifeless.

Some of us, myself included, don’t get greasy hair as much as we lose life and body the second day. Two products are key: a texture spray and a volumizing powder. The powder will give you Victoria Secret hair, while the texture spray will add shine and sass throughout your hair. We suggest Joico Texture Boost Dry Spray Wax (which is one of my favorites! See my tutorial on how to use it here). For extra texture, style with Joico Creme Wax Texture & Shine.

Style suggestion: Voluminous waves

Once you’ve applied these products, use a big barrel iron to add a little extra depth to your style, then brush through.

With the help of our trusty products, these hair styles can be achieved in less than ten minutes no matter your natural hair length, texture or style.

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