Styling Tips for Women With Scene or EMO Hairstyles

Avril Lavigne Long Curly Hairstyle

Scene or Emo styles are varying lengths and colors, and are about individuality- the idea is to capture the wearer’s personality. Here you will find tips on how to do the styling at home. You will also find ways to downplay the style, for the office or school if necessary-and new ideas for clubs and special occasions.

We would normally tell you to begin with freshly washed hair; however, for hair with this much texture-day after shampooing will actually be easier to style.

Pink Fauxhawk Hairstyle for Women
Pink Fauxhawk Hairstyle for Women/Getty Images

For this short style, in order to achieve the amount of volume needed you need a medium to large barrel curling iron or medium to large hot rollers-which to choose depends on the length of the hair and how much actual curl you want. Take small sections, and wrap the hair back toward the back of the head. Make sure to roll each one “on base” which means in this case you would comb each section up toward the face, holding it low-just above the scalp as you begin to wrap hair onto the iron or roller. This will assure that the iron or roller is sitting right on top of the section. This creates the height you see in the photo. Once all the curls are in, comb them out and apply hairspray to hold. Finally add a sparkling pin or barrette for eye-catching pizzazz!

Kelly Osbourne EMO Hairstyle with Stylish Red Bangs
Kelly Osbourne EMO Hairstyle with Stylish Bangs/Bauer Griffin

This style can be combed into place, and once dry, add a few curls placed into the crown area with a large barrel curling iron. This will create volume and lift, and then use a texturizing product for definition.

2013 Long Scene Hairstyles for Girls
Long Scene Hairstyles for Girls

To get this look, style toward face when drying-directing the side- bangs in the direction you would like it to go. Apply texturizing product to add definition and get the piecey look seen above.

Avril Lavigne Long Curly Hairstyle
Avril Lavigne Long Curly Hairstyle

For this style, you can use a medium barrel curling iron, medium hot rollers, spiral rollers or other tools for curling hair. Sections should be approximately a one-inch square, begin at one end of barrel if using a curling iron-wrap hair from one end to the other, carefully release and allow cooling before styling. If using hot rollers, begin at one end of roller and wrap to the other, turn roller and wrap back in the other direction. When all of sections have been curled, spray lightly with hairspray and allow to dry completely. To style, comb out each curl individually, taking care to keep curl intact. Fluff with fingers, and apply medium to extra hold hairspray all over.

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