Waterfall Braid for Long Straight Hair – Back View

Waterfall Braid for Long Straight Hair Tumblr

Thick Diagonal Braid on Long Blonde Hair

Well, we posted a romantic wavy waterfall braid yesterday, if you don’t like the curly hair, here is anohter waterfall braid for straight hair.

The innovative new braided styles have proved to be a real fashion force, giving long hair wearers an enormous range of trendy 21st century looks!

This beautiful design is done on hair trimmed into a wide V-shape at the back, leaving shorter layers to hang casually down around the face and neck.  The back has a layer cut a few inches above the main outline, to give additional texture and movement.

The highlighting is fabulous, mixing several harmonising shades of blonde with edgy dark roots.  The innovative asymmetric styling begins at one temple with a loose, large-linked braid woven in a stunning diagonal band moving down and across the back and finishing behind the ear on the opposite side.

The highlighting accentuates the woven patterns in the hair beautifully and creates additional depth and movement in this amazing contemporary look!

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