Kristian Alfonso's hairstyles - long brown wavy hairstyle for women
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Long Wavy Brown Hairstyle for Women Over 50 – Kristian Alfonso Hair Style

Here’s another trendy and face-flattering style, with a beautiful shade of chestnut brown warming up Kristian’s pale skin tone.

This long wavy hair style shows that women don’t need to cut their hair short when they reach a certain age!  Long hair looks great on mature women when it is smooth and well-groomed like this.  Leave the tousled, messy look to the young though, as that look tends to draw attention to wrinkles.

Starting with hair of all the same length, one side is swept back and secured firmly.  Then the hair is brushed over the top from an asymmetrical side point, creating attractive height.  And the lovely, glossy sweep of hair allowed to fall in loosely waved layers accentuates Kristian’s lovely eyes and lips! This style is great for women over 30.

This long dark brown wavy hairstyle is perfect for long face shape.

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5 thoughts on “Formal Hairdo: Twist & Pin Side Ponytail”

  1. Andre says:

    1, Is it okay for a guy to have long hair or have it in a ponytail?

    2. For guys, how much should they shave around their ponytail; just above the ears or have only the top of the head in a tail.

  2. sarah w says:

    i have pretty long curly hair and i would love to put it in a side ponytail for prom. problem is, when i put it in a ponytail my hair poofs out around the elastic. is there anyway to do a pretty side ponytail without an elastic?

  3. louisewoods1984 says:

    *On the way to going all natural (no perm in over a year)
    *Uses flat iron about once a week to straighten hair out.

    So here’s the thing. Back when I had relaxed hair I wore my hair in a ponytail for about a month straight because I needed a touch up and it didn’t look good to wear it down. By time I finally got a perm my stylist told me the middle of the back broke off because I wore ponytails too much. Now that I don’t perm my anymore and flat iron it to straighten it the humidity really messes it up when I wear it down so now I wear it in a ponytail a lot. My question is, even though my hair isn’t permed but I straighten it and put it in a ponytail will it still break off?? Please help because I don’t know what to do!!! Thanks!

  4. shahrukh says:

    Hi everyone, tomorrow I have to wear a jersey to school for my soccer game. I just got out of the shower so I need quick answers. Should i blowdry and straighten my hair and put it up for tomorrow or leave it curly and up in a ponytail?

  5. Jonathan says:

    I love to blow dry my hair and style it for school, but I have PE first hour and I have to put it up or else it gets nasty. And when I take it down, I have this awful ponytail line!! Suddenly all of that styling goes to waste.

    Any suggestions for ways I could put my hair up that won’t leave any crimps in my hair? Thanks!

    P.S. I’ve tried clamps, clips, and headbands. Nothing works!

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