Amazing Textured Pixie Cut with Bangs

Textured Pixie Cut with Bangs for medium to thick hair

Simple easy short haircut for summer – the chic brunette pixie cut

Show off your smooth complexion and accentuate your eyes with this short haircut that’s suitable for thick and medium textured hair. This short pixie hairstyle is short at the back and features long side-points with the hair styled to show the ears and a pair of snazzy fashion earrings! And I’m reliably informed that men find styles that show an ‘uncovered’ neck very sexy.

This pixie haircut is ideal for straight hair, and an easy-style look for women in a hurry! Just apply mousse or styling wax to the longer lengths on top and blow-dry with a round brush to get plenty of root lift. The sides are styled backwards to create texture and movement which softens the look.

The slightly side-swept fringe drapes nicely down over the forehead with lightly textured tips and the overall silhouette has an attractive round shape. Straight, short hairstyles allow you to ‘go to town’ on your eye-makeup and really bring out your femininity!

This pixie cut is great for round, oval face shapes.

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