The French Fringe Braid:  This is a super, sophisticated style, which forms a flattering frame around the face highlighting the forehead.

From a side parting, the hair is brushed smoothly over the top to produce an attractive asymmetry and the sides are styled smooth and straight, with an attractive casual flick upwards at the ends.

From the side parting, the fringe and front hair sections were French-braided to form a beautiful band following the hairline around the forehead to the other side of the head.

The braid was tucked away behind the model’s ear and a small section hair was pulled down to casually finish off this simple but elegant look!

This is a really cute quick and easy way to get your bangs out of your face on a hot day.

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Hair Inspirations: French Braided Fringe Bangs /Hair Romance
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Hairstyles Weekly: Pretty Hairstyles – French Fringe Braid /Hair Romance

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Or you can follow this video tutorial on how to french plait your fringe