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Zoe Saldana Hairstyles: Long Black Wavy Hair for Black Women

 African American Hairstyle Ideas: Gorgeous long black wavy curly hair style

Actress Zoe Saldana is like an beautiful angel of the night at the Target + Neiman Marcus Holiday Collection Launch.

Paired with dramatic eye makeup, Zoe’s shiny curls gave off a cool bad-girl vibe.

Zoe emits a dark, mysterious vibe with cocoa brown tresses cascading in waves to her shoulders. Her hair is parted in the middle which opens her face to call attention to her rounded eyebrows and heavily lined eyes. Zoe is wearing neutral lip color and a blouse with a black print on a pastel background. These are her only departures from the ebony color study, as she is wearing a sparkling jet black jacket, fitted leggings, and shiny, high-heeled pumps.Navy blue eye shadow put a fun and playful twist on Zoe Saldana’s smoky eyes.

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3 thoughts on “Long Ombre Hair 2014: Straight, Choppy & Dip-Dyed Long Style”

  1. diggn4richez says:

    i don’t like today’s hairstyles :p.

  2. Spider Pc says:

    i have had the buzzcut, shaggy and now i have a fauxhawk but im getting tired of it coz im the kind of person that needs to be changing ofter so my question is that if you can tell me some latest or/and trendy hairstyles if u could have a link for it would be great thanks
    what do u think about this look for ashton kutcher
    frist im not an emo guy
    second im not asian (not that is anything wrong about it but im not)

  3. Terrence says:

    I want want get my hair cut, i have really long hair and i want it to stay long. but i want to get a lot of layers in it and i want to keep my bangs side swept. it’s kinda like the scene hairstyle but not so much that. does anyone know if this hairstyle has a name or what i would tell the stylist ?

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