22 Popular Angled Bob Haircuts You’ll Want to Copy

Dark to purple ombre Angled Bob Hairstyles

Stylish angled bob haircuts are the natural choice for grown-out short hairstyles!  And they’re also proving to be a popular daily hairstyles’ makeover for long, shapeless hair! This gallery of popular hairstyles includes everything from smooth, A-line bob hairstyles to edgy asymmetrical bob haircuts in crazy colors. And along with red, mauve and hot pink, the new ash-blonde/brown shades are here, too!  The most popular hairstyles for spring and summer are so adventurous!

Sexy copper-red angled bob hairstyles for round, heart & long faces

Warm up your complexion and your love-life (!) with stunning, copper-red angled bob hairstyles like this!  Short bob haircuts are easy hairstyles to manage and this high-impact, daily hairstyles’ option works well on thick and medium-texture hair, with enough natural volume to create the stacked-back curve.  Casual side-twists ending with the latest sharp, straight tips give interesting texture on this eye-catching bob haircut! Round/heart faces should keep the sides fairly flat, but to balance a long face add more waves or teasing at the sides to get face-widening volume.  (You can balance out a large nose with a curvy bump of volume at the back, too).

Redhead - short red messy curly angled bob hairstyle

Chic smooth & short A-line angled bob hairstyles in muted copper

Here’s a super, new hair color idea that keeps cropping-up in the latest angled bob hairstyles.  It’s the same shade as natural ginger and ginger powder, but not the bright color we usually associate with ‘ginger hair’.  This subtle, muted copper shade is the perfect complement to a chic A-line bob that’s all about gentle curves and precision cutting.  As a daily hairstyles’ option that’s equally suitable for a high-powered business meeting, followed by a romantic dinner-date with your favorite guy, this chic angled bob is hard to beat!

Side view of cute short angled bob haircut

Elegant & sultry bob hairstyles with purple balayage on straight black hair

This elegant angled bob hairstyles’ idea is perfect for a special occasion or just to impress the pants off everyone at work!  Extreme angled bob haircuts are one of the most popular hairstyles for spring and summer.  And for trend-setters with thick, black hair this rich, deep purple is the perfect balayage/ombré shade.  The strong, straight lines of this cut make it suitable for round and heart faces and the length, a couple of inches below the chin, also adds ‘length’ to a wide face.  It’s a fabulously sophisticated short hairstyle you can use to project a cool and confident image at work and ‘after-hours’!

Trendy Purple highlighted Angled Bob Hairstyles

Popular cute angled bob hairstyles for fine hair and all face shapes

A chic short hairstyles for spring! Although fine hair doesn’t usually have sufficient density for steeply-angled bob hairstyles, you can still achieve a range of trendy A-line bobs!  Large, loose waves add volume to make the sides appear thicker and help create the signature curve above the nape.  Short hairstyles with waves and layers always make fine hair easier to fluff-up.  This chin-length bob is an excellent daily hairstyles’ choice for anyone wanting to look cute, trendy and relaxed.  Chin-length, angled bob hairstyles with a side-parting and diagonal bangs suit oval, round, heart, square and long faces and all ages!  And that’s why this is one of the most popular hairstyles for spring and summer!

Short Soft Wavy Angled Bob Hairstyles

Simple & natural trendy daily hairstyles for straight fine hair

A great short haircut for Asian girls. Naturally attractive faces look lovely when framed by simple angled bob hairstyles, as you can see in this bob haircut for fine hair.  With just a little clever layering in the last few inches, this is a really easy hairstyle to manage.  It’s long enough to wear in a cute, casual pony or with some sexy waves for a glamorous evening hairdo. And this versatility means it’s a great daily hairstyles’ option for busy women, sporty types and lazy girls, too!  Chin-length bob hairstyles are one of the most popular hairstyles you can get for spring and summer,  because they look good on almost all face-shapes including oval, heart, round and long faces.  Just remember that long faces need more volume at the sides and a deeper side-parting.

Back to school haircut - Angled Bob Hairstyles for girls

Gorgeously glam deep mauve on long angled bob hairstyles with & without waves!

Warm chocolate brown looks fab on this long angled bob haircut for medium and thick hair types, but it just oozes glamor when a deep violet shade and loose waves are added for a stunning special-occasion ‘do! If you’re looking for a great party, prom or wedding hairstyle this is a super choice, especially if you’re also ready for a daily hairstyles’ makeover, to tidy-up long, shapeless hair.  Mauve is a good shade for brunettes with a cool undertone to their complexion.

Beachy wavy angled bob hairstyle for shoulder length hair

Flirty casual blonde bob haircuts & easy daily hairstyles with a classic look

You can turn your ‘flirty gaze’ on or off as often as you like with long, peek-a-boo bangs and casual angled bob hairstyles.  An easy-style, med/short hairstyles’ idea is a cute way to show off gleaming blonde hair – without falling into the long, blonde and straight cliché.  Long layers are precisely shaped just above the tips, so hair falls naturally into a gentle curve framing the chin, while the end of the fringe accentuates the lips! This classic medium-short hairstyle for thick/medium hair is yet another versatile version of the almost universally face-flattering popular bob hairstyles for this year!

Angled Bob Hairstyle for thin hair

Fantasy pastel-purple ombré for glamorous bob hairstyles with feathered tips

Summer hair ideas for short hair. By contrast, this highly-polished ‘fantasy’ look is just what you need to make a show-stopping entrance to a party, prom or wedding!  The gorgeous purple, pink and ash shades are perfectly blended to create a cute vibe that chimes with the model’s extra-long eyelashes and dainty nose-ring. Long bangs finishing just below eye-level, can be worn as side-swept bangs or parted to display the forehead – depending on your face shape.  Notice how this trendy look has thinned out tips, to create a piece-y look to the lower edge.  So if you’re looking for the best prom hairstyles, why not have fun with this stunning angled bob hairstyles’ idea!

Dark to purple ombre Angled Bob Hairstyles

Edgy messy angled bob hairstyles with dazzling dual-blonde highlights

This daring bob haircut’s an ultra-modern, short hairstyles’ idea that projects a confident and creative image.  Wearing messy short hairstyles is a great way to look casual and sophisticated at the same time.  This style can be achieved on thick, medium or fine hair (as long as the fine hair has been thickened with peroxide lightener).  The basic shape is a gently angled bob hairstyle, with lightly textured tips and teasing under the top layer.  The top layers have a slight bend approx. 3-inches above straightened tips and, like many of the bob haircuts, this chin-length cut suits most face shapes!

Side view of short blonde angled bob hairstyle

Stunning extreme angled bob hairstyles on thick brunette hair

Now this is a fantastic long hair makeover idea for fashion-conscious women. There’s a strong trend away from long hairstyles in this season, with the stylish, extreme angled bob hairstyles taking centre-stage.  The back is lightly layered to curve into a neat line just above collar-length and the rest is expertly graduated down to the shoulders at the front.  To soften the line around the face, shorter layers are cut just below chin-length.  We love this look, ‘cos you can have a high-fashion bob haircut without losing all your lovely long hair!  With long bangs suitably adjusted, this long/short hairstyles’ idea suits oval, round and heart faces.

Dark Long Angled Bob Hairstyles

Popular daily hairstyles for thick hair with side-parting and diagonal bangs

Simple, chic and youthful – classic medium-length angled bob hairstyles such as this are popular hairstyles for adding width to a narrow chin.  It’s an easy-style, daily hairstyles’ option for thick hair that can be adjusted to suit most faces, especially oval, round, heart faces.  Round faces look best with a deep side-parting and long, diagonal bangs and oval faces look lovely with a trendy, center-parting   This bob haircut will take you from work, to the gym and dancing till dawn if you wish, without any problems.  So if you’re a busy, style-conscious woman this is a great ‘no-fuss’ daily hairstyle!

Short Angled Bob Hairstyles for women

Shocking scarlet-red unequal angled bob hairstyles to wear for a dare!

Red head for short hair. Love being the centre of attention?  Anyone who dares to wear zingy angled bob hairstyles in crimson-red is guaranteed celebrity treatment wherever they go!  Just be sure to get the best red hair color to flatter your individual skin-tone.  ‘Stop-sign’ red suits warm skin tones like this model, but for complexions with cool undertones, choose a shade from the blue-red hair colors, like mahogany and violet-red. When you wear such an eye-catching color, remember to have your hair trimmed regularly to keep the shape, so you always look well-groomed and famous!

Red Angled Bob Hairstyles

Vibrant mauve hair color ideas for smooth A-line bob hairstyles on thick hair

This is a great ‘fantasy’ mauve hair color idea for a bob haircut !  Strong colors are great for parties, proms and daily hairstyles, (as long as your boss doesn’t object!).  Before choosing a striking new hair color, make sure it’s suitable for your skin tone.  Mauve/hot pink are blue-red shades and suit light – dark skin colors with a cool undertone.   And to avoid clashing with your favorite outfits, remember to check your hair color will match your wardrobe. Black/white tops are perfect.  Angled bob hairstyles, with the softer lines of an A-line bob haircut, are great for shaping thick hair into trendy, easy-care daily hairstyles!  This angled-bob hairstyle suits round, heart and oval faces and will top a lot of summer-vacation wish-lists of popular hairstyles for teens!

Purple Angled Bob Hairstyle for fall

Party-fun with brunette bob haircuts & hot pink streaks for round, heart & long faces

If you want to show you’re in a party mood, what could be more convenient than this angled bob hairstyles’ wig in cocoa-brown with hot pink streaks!  Or go the whole hog and have this fabulous hot pink on brunette hair color idea done on your own hair.  Strong shades, like fuchsia-pink are suitable for brown and black hair and suit cool skin tones, as well as some olive complexions.  It’s a super-cute short hairstyles’ option to have fun with and, at chin-length flatters almost all face shapes!

Highlighted Angled Bob Hairstyle for women

Super-cool ‘bronde’ angled bob hairstyles with extreme asymmetry for thick hair

Here’s one of spring and summer’s new hair color ideas all ready to inspire a thousand makeovers!  The theme in this fab bob haircut is individuality, with a drop of several inches between the sides, making this a truly edgy angled bob.  Hairstyles with equal amounts of ash-blonde and ash-brown are difficult to classify, so this new hair color idea is being called, ‘bronde’.  Ash shades can be tricky to pull off, so this year we all need to rely on our colorist to steer us towards the best ash-blonde/ash-brown shades for our individual skin-tone.  With this eye-catching blend of angled bob cut and color, keep your makeup light and natural with a bright splash of pinky-red lipstick!

Long Angled Bob Hairstyle

Sci-fi fabulous white-blonde bob hairstyles with amazing blue roots

It’s so exciting watching the new hair color ideas moving ever-closer to the mainstream!  Thanks to ‘My Little Pony’ toys, Manga and online games, the tradition of only using natural hair colors has gone and we’re in a totally new phase in the history of hair colors for popular hairstyles!  This gorgeous, white-blonde angled bob hairstyle has beautiful, blue roots in a modern twist on the dark roots fashion!  This is also a great daily hairstyles option for trend-conscious over-50’s looking for interesting ways to perk up naturally white hair!  I’m sure this edgy, color contrast of white hair and blue roots is just the beginning of a whole range of futuristic daily hairstyles for spring and summer!

Blue to blonde ombre Angled Bob Hairstyle

Super-stylish extreme angled bob haircuts with bangs on straight black hair

Here’s another very innovative version of the versatile angled bob haircuts that are a dominant look for spring and summer.  Thick, straight black hair is perfect for creating edgy, geometrical short hairstyles with a chic, sculpted finish!  Angled bob hairstyles always have a special feature at the back and this one has an expertly layered ‘bump’ of volume that seems to ‘hover’ over the stacked layers just above the nape!  The edgy asymmetry is continued with a very deep side-parting dividing the hair into different sections.  The front is combed forward creating a lovely curved texture on top and there’s contrasting movement in the lightly flicked-back bangs. It’s a cute chin-length bob haircut that suits almost all face shapes, too!

Dark Angled Bob Hairstyle with bangs for black women

Trendy medium/short hairstyles for thick hair in medium-blonde with darker lowlights

This attractive asymmetric bob haircut for medium or thick hair, is full of lively movement and contrasting textures.  The hair may be straight, but this popular hairstyle is full of lovely curves.  This style shows how you can ‘lengthen’ a wide face, or a low forehead, with a cute wave that adds extra height and frames the face with flattering, lighter blonde highlights.  For complexions with a warm undertone, medium-blonde shades will be just as fashionable on the short hairstyles for spring and summer, as the new ash-blondes are going to be for cool complexions.  Trendy, asymmetrical bob haircuts make easy-care, fashionable daily hairstyles with extra edginess!  Suits a wide range of face shapes, including long, if you ask your stylist for long, diagonal bangs instead of a bare forehead.

Angled Bob Hairstyles with layers

Amazing ash-blonde angled bob hairstyles with mauve ‘fantasy’ ombré & extreme asymmetry

This stunning, angled bob hairstyles’ design is a great prom hairstyle and a super-cute bob haircut and color for a party, wedding or similar occasion.  The back is expertly-cut in a stacked-back bob hairstyle that’s blended down in a long, asymmetrical section, with the other side cut several inches shorter.  For women with a cool undertone to their skin, ash-blonde is going to be a major blonde shade for the next few years, so get it now and be ahead of your friends! Trend-setting hair color ideas like deep, mauve-purple-pink, in new patterns on extreme angled bob hairstyles, make amazing ‘ready to rock’ short hairstyles!  We’re definitely going to have some fun with these fab hair color ideas for spring and summer!

Angled Bob Hairstyles for thick hair

Simple daily hairstyles for round/heart/oval faces in flattering medium-blonde for fine hair

The blonde shade you choose for spring and summer is critical to your overall beauty look.  So it’s worth paying for a colorist who has had professional training in which new colors suit different skin-tones.  This pretty golden shade suits the ‘spring’ skin-tone, which is a light and clear complexion, with peach or yellow-gold undertones and eye-color ranging from green to light-blue.  A natural-looking, medium-blonde color can transform a simple bob haircut into an eye-catching daily hairstyles’ idea, that’s also easy to manage. This medium-short hairstyle can be achieved on medium and fine hair, with blunt-cut long layers to add thickness at the tips, and an extra-long fringe creating a lovely frame for a fair complexion!

Lovely Angled Bob Hairstyles

Classy A-line bob hairstyles with deliciously subtle triple blonde balayage

This sophisticated angled bob hairstyles’ cut and color blends three beautifully harmonising colors to create a chic and trendy look. Inspired by soft, natural shades, the classic A-line curve at the back has fashionable, neutral-blonde highlighting, as an attractive new twist to this authentic angled bob hairstyles from the 60’s.   The model’s light-brown hair shines above a lovely ombré in subtle shades of honey and caramel, adding the perfect finishing touch to blunt-cut tips, in one of the classiest bob hairstyles for spring and summer!

Subtle ombre angled bob hairstyle

There’s a major change in hair color ideas for this year, with lots of exciting new ash shades in blonde, brown and ‘bronde!  The fantasy hair colors are creating fresh, popular hairstyles that no-one has ever seen before!  So keep checking back for updates on all manner of groovy daily hairstyles for spring and summer, plus guidance on matching hair colors to different skin tones. Yay!

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