25 Gorgerous Short Stacked Bob Haircuts and Hair Style Ideas

From Kiera Knightley to Victoria Beckham, stacked hairstyles have graced some of the top names in Hollywood and continue to be one of the most thriving hairstyle on the streets. Stacked bob hairstyles provide effortless movement and tons of luscious body that works on both thick or fine strands.

If you’re looking for your next stacked bob haircut and hairstyle idea, you will find it here. You will find lengthier bobs bouncing with layers, or shorter pieces that are thick and lush.

Contrasting Piecy Layers

Thin hair can look dull and dreary with a short hairstyle that’s one length and one-noted, so cause some drama while adding bulk to your tresses with a flurry of piecy layers and contrasting colors. Using different light and dark tones ensures those exotic layers stand out, front and center, and you can flick your layers to the left and the right with every step.

Curled Under Bob

Subtly angled, oozing with fullness, this unique bob hairstyle is designed so that cut naturally flips inwards toward the face, causing some dramatic volume around the lower part of her mane. It’s a lovely style that’s perfect for long or diamond/heart shaped faces that want to look more evened-out.

Silver Slight Stack

Stacked haircuts don’t have to over-the-top, in fact they can be sweet and subtle. This slight stack hairstyle is very refreshing and bouncy, and of course we’re in love with that silver hue! Popular and unbelievably trendy, silver hair is great on manes short OR long- so give it a try if you want something new.

Voluminous Stack with Straight Bangs

Thick hair is lovely and luscious when left lengthy, but it can be hard to manage. A great option for effortless tresses? A short stacked hairstyle for thick hair like this. It leaves tons of bouncy bulk from front to back, and straight fringes cut just above the eyebrow is a quirky way to add some cute personality to your look.

Peek-A-Boo Purple

Exotic deep purple against a jet black base? Enthralling. This magical stacked Bob is enticing as it gets, a deep mystical hue that’s dark and ravishing. Forget boring locks- toss in some peek-a-boo highlights to your Bob for some amazing contrast that’s lively and fun.

Layered Red Hot Bob

Versatility is what the main goal of this hairstyle is, with pieces left longer around the face and side swept bangs for a sexy finish, the back cut straight along the neck for utmost volume. Tease it at the top ever so slightly for some sexy bed head volume that’s nothing short of alluring on those enticing red hot tresses.

Super Voluminous Bob

Want volume? Big hair is a cinch when it’s short! This gorgeous dark blonde gets a BIG makeover by heavily teasing the crown. Go big or go home- and look absolutely amazing in the process.

Mahogany Waves

The best part about leaving a little length on your angled stack Bob haircut is there’s still room for styling! These everyday waves are cute and fashionable, a sultry wave that brings out her gorgeous mahogany highlights in a way that’s slick and beautiful.

Blonde A-Line Lob

Want to see what a PERFECT lob is all about? Then take one look at this adoring ‘do! Her a-line is on-trend, framing her face beautifully while thick side swept bangs dangle over one eye in a flirty manner. Lowlights and highlights blend together for a bright, look-at-me blonde shade that makes for a perfect summer hairstyle.

Extra Short Natural Waves

Thick hair that’s naturally wavy can be a huge hassle when it comes to styling;  but instead of being annoyed by your luscious locks, embrace their natural beauty and chop them extra short. The natural waves look lovely, and taking care of them is simple. Throw in an undercut to remove excess bulk, and let those lovely blonde waves be the star of the show.

Major Angle

Creating a dramatic appeal with your stacked Bob is easy when you’re going from long to short hair. Leave tons of length around the face, but angle it back in a strict manner so the angle becomes deep and pronounced. Would look lovely with any color hue, whether you opt for natural brunette tresses or something more vibrant and obnoxious.

Simple Highlighted A-Line

Short, sweet, and to the point- this look knows exactly how to achieve that effortless beauty. Her a-line style is simplistic, but to ensure her hair isn’t mundane, she tosses in a few light brunette pieces to make her darker palate Pop!

Sleek Stacked Bob

Creating a look that eludes posh and chic attitude is easy when you indulge in a sleek stacked Bob haircut such as this. With perfectly lined up ends and in a stunning, subtle angle, her luscious dark tresses have a slick finish that are professional and trendy.

Two-Tone Asymmetrical Bob

If asymmetry doesn’t cause enough dimension for you, then it’s highly recommended to use color to your advantage. The bulk of her adorable face-framing Bob is kept a dark brunette shade, but that pinch of platinum on the side does the trick to keep things contrasting and funky.

Red Highlighted Bob

There’s something about pops of color on a short stacked bob haircut that’s really exciting! And when you choose bright, look-at-me red hues such as this, you’re destined to have ALL eyes on you. This contrasting stacked bob is an excellent choice for thin haired gals, as the mix of short and long layers create a thicker illusion.

Gray-Lavender Voluminous Waves

If you’re seeking a bob hairstyle that’s oozing with volume and bouncy energy, than toss in some voluminous waves. Tousle them up ever-so-slightly for a youthful, thick finish that looks stunning against a gray-lavender hued mane.

Classy Layered Brown Bob

With just the right amount of length, this lovely lady opts for a classy, subdued long bob that can be worn to the office with ease. Subtle long layers are strategically placed from front to back to provide supple movement and luscious body that’s professional and stylish.

Subtle Medium Brown Bob

There’s no bells or whistles in this subtle hairstyle, making it ideal for the older lady or businesswoman who wants something short, manageable, and polished.

Stacked Bob with Horizontal Bangs

A lengthier take on a traditional stacked bob hairstyle, this adorable cut can be curled, waved, or left stick straight and oh-so-fabulous. The beauty of this style comes from those sharp angles down below, with lovely horizontal bangs draping below the eyebrow. Subtle caramel brown highlights are softly blended into her dark brunette locks, creating a softened style that’s sweet and sexy.

Teased Highlights

A mix of colors from dark to light can cause quite a statement on any head of hair, but when you’ve got a cute stacked bob like this, the best idea is to showcase this color mix and tease the top heavily. Bouncing with lively body and energy, it’s the perfect look for a gal who craves attention.

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