Casual Daily Wavy Hairstyle for Long Hair – Victoria Justice’s Hairstyle

Victoria Justice's Long Hairstyle - Brown Waves

Full marks to Victoria’s hair stylist for creating a different type of casual sophistication in this original twist on the wavy look! These waves are reminiscent of a Botticelli painting, so this ultra-hot style is a retro-15th century look!

Victoria’s waist-length hair is all one-length except for a few layered sections at the front and the ends are heavily textured creating those dainty, tapered tips.

The side parting is casually crooked and the extra-long fringe draped asymmetrically over one side ends with pretty, flicked-up detail at the side!

Styled without brushing, the twisty waves create lots of extra volume and the fabulous, defined strands flow beautifully over Victoria’s shoulders and front!

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