40 Cute Reverse French Braids for Girls

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A reverse French braid is also known as a Dutch braid. In a Dutch braid, the hair is braided by crossing the strands under each other, creating a 3D effect where the braid appears to be raised from the scalp. This is in contrast to a traditional French braid, where the strands are crossed over each other, creating a flat braid that sits on top of the head.

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Hot from the runways of the world, we bring you the very latest reverse French braid styles!  At Diesel Black Gold’s backstage hair salon in New York, the Redken super-stylist, Guido, was busy weaving the very soft and feminine braids we’ll be wearing soon.

French vs Reverse French Braids

 French vs Reverse French Braids

What’s the Difference between Dutch Braid Vs. French Braid?

The main difference between a Dutch braid and a French braid is the direction that the hair is braided.

In a French braid, the hair is braided by crossing the side strands over the middle strand, while gradually adding more hair to each side strand as you braid down the head. This creates a braid that sits on top of the head and has a smooth, flat appearance.

In contrast, a Dutch braid is created by crossing the side strands under the middle strand, while also adding more hair to each side as you braid down the head. This creates a braid that sits on top of the head with a 3D effect, appearing raised from the scalp.

Another key difference is that the French braid tends to be more delicate and elegant, while the Dutch braid has a more casual and edgy vibe. Both braids are versatile and can be worn in many different styles, and both can be done in a regular, inverted or side variation.

Versatile braids and waves

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You need to get practising on your own hair now, because reverse French braids are going to be everywhere this summer! Simple braids are great for giving you those beachy waves that are so trendy this season, too, so you can wear a pretty reverse French braid style at work and then let it down for sexy waves in the evening.

Add a touch of dry shampoo

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If you have fine or greasy hair, add a little dry shampoo to your roots and then lightly comb it through before you start your reverse French braid.  Styles this season are both elegant and criss-crossed around the head for evening sophistication and loose, with a slightly messy hairline with strands pulled down for everyday wear.

Reverse French braid styles for urban chic

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As asymmetry and unconventionality are currently the biggest trends in hair fashions and the diagonal reverse French braid styles are absolutely stunning!  If you’re more of an edgy, ‘urban chic’ chick try a black and blonde streaked hairstyle, which looks fabulous in a diagonal braid running asymmetrically across the head.

Hottest highlights

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And all highlighted hair colours look wonderful in a graceful or messy reverse French braid style.  The main highlight colours at the moment are metallic golds and copper, plus the popular rose-gold shades and light copper which add so much extra depth and dimension to blonde hair. 

Rainbow highlights are bigger than ever this year and don’t forget how fabulous purple or deep blue highlights can look in black hair, especially when you plait it.

Thicker braids

To make your braids look thicker, don’t plait them too tightly and then gently pull them apart to get the appearance of more volume.  And if you think your hair isn’t quite long enough for a full reverse French braid style, why not braid your long fringe to create a super, plaited detail on one side of your head!

You’ll find that most hair lengths will allow you to add a touch of braided interest, somewhere around your head.

Take a look at some of the latest reverse French braid styles in out fabulous Inspiration Gallery and choose your favourite new makeover style!

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