David Beckham Short Spiked Hairstyles

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A lot guys searching David Beckham hairstyles for get a new hair style idea, most of time, David Beckham sports short spiky hairstyles, here are some pictures of David Beckham short spiked haircuts. Great short haircuts for men!

David Beckham Short Side Part Hairstyle
David Beckham Hairstyle
David Beckham wore his hair in a medium length side-part. A good short hairstyle for guys.

Cool mens hairstyles: David Beckham Spiked Hair
mens hairstyles
If you are going to find a short cool hairstyle for your next hair cut, this spiked short haircut you may love. A popular short haircuts for men! David Beckham showed off his spiked locks while hitting the Teen Choice Awards.

David Beckham Fauxhawk hairstyle
David Beckham Fauxhawk
David Beckham sports Fauxhawk and mohawk haircuts before, and I think the Fauxhawk is better than the mohawk cut, a lot young guys sport Fauxhawk style these days.
What is Fauxhawk? A variation of the “Mohawk” hair style. Hair is worm longer down the middle of the head and ussually spiked with gel. Contrary to the traditional “Mohawk” style, hair is not shaved completely on the sides of the head.

Fauxhawk haircut for men
David Beckham  Fauxhawk hair style
The faux hawk hairstyle can even be done without having to cut any of the hair at the sides of the head, just simple restyling.

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