4 DIY Hair Tricks You Should Be Doing

I hate bad hair days. No matter how posh my outfit is or how chic my makeup looks that day…bad, frizzy hair ruins it for me. I’m always on the lookout for tips and tricks to help reduce frizz, add shine, and make my hair look more luscious. And my favorite type of tips and tricks? The ones you can do yourself right at home. Here we go!

1. Bobby Pins That Stay In Place

Bobby Pins
Bobby Pins

For everyone like me who has soft, sometimes limp hair…the bobby pins just don’t always stay where I want them to. I could spend hours creating an awesome hair style only to find the bobby pins sliding out and ruining the look 30 minutes later! Except not anymore. Because now…I know how to make sticky bobby pins. And you’re about to learn, too! All you need to do is assemble some of your favorite bobby pins on a paper towel. Once they’re lined up, spray them! Spray your favorite hair spray all over those pins until you think it’s distributed evenly. Then, let them dry and use! It’s as easy as that.

2. No Frizz Towel Dry

No Frizz Towel Dry

You know when you step out of the shower and your hair is sopping wet and full of luscious nutrients from that hair mask you just used? And then you towel dry it and yet it still dries super frizzy and feels harsh? That might be because of your towel. Towels are actually not very good for our hair. They’re harsh and can break hair follicles causing extra frizz. All you need for this trick is a clean t-shirt. Come on, you know you have your alma mater t-shirt lying around somewhere. Put it to good use! Dry your hair off with a t-shirt from now on and reduce that frizz.

3. Cold Rinse

Frizz is what happens when the cuticle of your hair is raised or open. There are a lot of methods to help frizz once you step out of the shower; but what about while in the shower? There’s a trick for that, too. Start rinsing out your conditioner with colder water. I mean, yeah, we all love relaxing hot showers. But that cold water is going to keep your hair more frizz-free, shiny, and amazing. Trust me!

4. Tease Your Hair Not Your Teeth

Having a flat hair day? Feeling like your roots are just sticking to your scalp? I totally feel you. I was in the same predicament the other day and I didn’t have any teasing combs or lift powder around me. So, I used my toothbrush! Totally weird, right? No, brilliant. Toothbrushes can help tease your hair in the hard to reach places. They can also be used to help tame frizz. Bad hair day be gone. Just make sure you don’t use it on your teeth again afterwards!

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