4 Easy at Home Hair Treatments

Need a quick hair fix but don’t have an appointment for a few weeks? Try these easy at home hair treatments to get you by until your next stylist face-to-face.

Fight off split ends

Prone to damage like me? It’s not all that uncommon for unhealthy ends to split between salon visits. If you’re confident in your cutting skills, you can use online tutorials like this one to trim split ends at home. I, however, like to take a bit safer route. (Yes, I definitely chopped at my hair as a child, and let me tell you: Glamorous it was not.)

Deep repairing treatments are lifesavers when it comes to treating damage and split strands – and  it only take a few minutes to revive those limp locks!

Protect your color

If you get your hair regularly trimmed and treated like a good girl should (ahem.), you shouldn’t have to worry about your color fading between appointments.

If you aren’t a habitual salon-goer, however, opt for fade prevention products that are specially formulated to help keep color vibrant.

Trim those bangs

Here’s the good news: you really shouldn’t ever have to trim your own bangs at home. Most salons offer complimentary bang trims between appointments to keep your hair out of your eyes – so, you know, call your stylist.

If you absolutely must trim your own bangs, however, I suggest following this tutorial. Let me be clear: I really don’t suggest taking scissors to your strands. Ever. But if you do, make sure you only trim your bangs when they’re dry (or you’ll end up with bad bangs like these.)

Blow it out

There’s nothing quite like a fresh blow out, but you can recreate the look at home on your own (you can, swear!).

Starting with damp, towel-dried hair, spray a little of Big Sexy Hair’s Root Pump directly on your roots. Then, spray some of Paul Mitchell’s Blow-Out Spray throughout your strands. Then, blow out your locks with the help of a large-barrel round brush. To finish, sprinkle some Osis+ Dust It Powder and massage it into your scalp.

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