Framesi Color Lover Primer 11 Reivews

The Hairstyles Weekly blogging team LOVES Framesi’s Color Lover line – especially its ability to help color-treated hair keep its color up to 95% longer than other brands.

The one Color Lover product we haven’t talked about yet? Their (basically) magic Primer 11 spray.

Framesi Color Lover Primer 11 is a major multi-tasker. It…

  • retains color
  • repairs damage
  • makes hair silky & shiny
  • fixes frizz
  • adds body
  • mends ends
  • detangles
  • supports style
  • eliminates static
  • acts as a thermal guard
  • doesn’t weigh hair down.

With a list of qualities like that, we couldn’t refuse to try it! Our bloggers put Primer 11 to the test, and here’s what they thought.



Hair type/texture:

My hair is very thick and dry with a slight natural wave. It holds curl incredibly well, but my hair also stays straight when I use a flat iron. I’m really lucky when it comes to my locks! It’s also color-treated.

Biggest hair gripe:

My hair is colored, and I heat style frequently, so my biggest issue is heat damage. I also tend to get dandruff in the winter months.

Melanie’s experience with Primer 11:

Primer 11 is my new favorite product! My hair is ALWAYS tangled after a shower (no matter how much conditioner I use!), so my favorite benefit of the Primer 11 is the detangling properties. (I don’t even need a detangler comb with Primer 11!) I’ve been using it in place of my Argan oil – it’s the perfect light leave-in for summer. I’ll definitely pick up another one to keep in my beach bag.


Hair type/texture:

Fine and a little dry with a semi-natural wave. My hair tends to hold waves and curls from a curling iron fairly well. It can be blown straight, but it needs a little help from a flat iron to get rid of any kinks. It’s also color-treated.

Biggest hair gripe:

In the winter months, my hair gets horribly dry and lacks moisture for any volume. Without moisture, it breaks off easily, making it harder to grow out or style as I want. In the summer, the humidity actually helps my hair the most – I love the way my natural curl comes out, but with the humidity also comes frizz.

Caitie’s experience with Primer 11:

bright hair color ideas

I really liked the smell of Framesi Color Lover Primer 11 as well as the diversity it offers. I used it on both damp and dry hair, which gave my hair a double dosage of its magic. I even used it on non-wash days, and it helped restore the life of my hair between shampoos. I loved the amount of shine that it gave my colored locks, making it look like I just had my hair colored that day!


Hair type/texture:

Thick & wavy with a few highlights.

Biggest hair gripe:

My hair ALWAYS loses its style in the humidity. My thick hair tends to get frizzy and wavy at the first sign of humidity!

Chrissy’s experience with Primer 11:

I’m not usually a fan of leave-in treatments, but Primer 11 is FANTASTIC. The primer sped up my drying time, made my color vibrant and improved the overall condition of my hair. The best part? It detangled my hair in a way NO OTHER product has before. I usually have to spend at least five minutes de-knotting the chaos that is my hair, but Primer 11 did it for me. I’m NEVER letting this product out of my sight.


Hair type/texture:

I have a lot of thick hair. It can easily  waves and holds most curl. My hair dries straight, but I still like to flat iron it to add smoothness.

Biggest hair gripe:

My biggest gripe is mid-day flat hair. I LOVE wearing voluminous styles, but my thick hair tends to lose volume as the day wears on.

Carla’s experience with Primer 11:

Primer 11 is more than a leave-in conditioner. It’s a detangler and a hair softener. I love the spray feature – it helps me target the tips of my hair.  Primer 11 also has a great smell! Overall, it just really conditioned my hair beautifully.

soft wavy blonde hair


Hair type/texture:

Long & color-treated. I have a lot of hair, but it’s fine in texture.

Biggest hair gripe:

I dye my hair red, which is the hardest color to take into the hair follicle over any other color. I have to be very careful about the products I use on my hair, especially shampoos and conditioners. It’s very easy for products to completely wash out or strip my hair of its red!

Danielle’s experience with Primer 11:

Color Lover products are MAGIC. Any product I’ve tried helps keep my red color longer and brighter, makes my hair feel healthier and helps add shine all day. I use Primer 11 prior to blow drying, and it helps detangle my long hair as well as adding thermal protection to heat. It even helped my hair dry faster! I’m absolutely smitten with all the Color Lover products I’ve tried, especially Primer 11.


Hair type/texture:

Blonde, color-treated – tends to be dry/damaged. My hair is thicker in texture than it used to be since cutting it short, but it’s still on the fine side.

Biggest hair gripe:

I have to be very careful about the amount of products I use or it can get greasy/gunky very quickly. Products tend to weigh my hair down more than giving it volume.

Hannah’s experience with Primer 11:

Because I’m so scared of product build-up in my hair, I always make sure to really scrub out shampoo and conditioner before getting out of the shower. That tends to make my hair pretty tangly. Primer 11 made it SUPER easy to comb through my hair and left it feeling soft and smooth. Primer 11 also helped my hair dry quicker during blow drying, without leaving it feeling fried or frizzy. Even better? It smells GREAT.


Hair type/texture:

Fine & smooth.

Biggest hair gripe:

Lack of volume! Products tend to weigh my hair down more than anything.

Karlyn’s experience with Primer 11:

I love the 11 different hair benefits this product offers in one single package. The quinoa, silk proteins and vitamin mix in Primer 11 all helped protect my hair from heat damage while simultaneously battling frizz, smoothing and adding shine. The mist of Primer 11 was light and didn’t weigh my hair down. It also smelled GREAT!

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