Must Have Hair Products In Different Climates

The summer months mean travel for weekend getaways, weddings and leisurely frolics to distant locales. It also means leaving your hair’s comfort zone for new climates, which can equate to unflattering hair mishaps. That’s why being armed with different hair products in different climates is a must.

Here’s the scoop on what to pack when you’re traveling to different landscapes:

The Desert

If you’re venturing to a desert environment, there are a few possible hair outcomes. Some people report their hair and skin feeling balanced and manageable – a BIG plus – which means you can likely get away with fewer washings. Consider a great dry shampoo to touch up and refresh your strands, like Joico Instant Refresh Dry Shampoo.

The other potential outcome is hair drying out, especially in harsh temperatures and lots of sun. An oil product, such as Joico K-PAK Color Therapy Restorative Styling Oil, is your perfect accessory.

The Deep South, the Pacific Northwest, the Midwest

While the regions are drastically different, they share one common theme: moisture. Cities like Seattle are known for rain, and southern cities like New Orleans are notorious for short-lived yet heavy afternoon storms that, once the sun emerges, turn to instant steam and humidity. The Midwest gets its fair share of humidity complaints, as well, especially in July and August (though, from personal experience, is nothing like southern humidity).

The most important hair weapons in these environments are frizz-fighting styling products – like Joico K-PAK Smoothing Balm or Joico K-PAK Protect & Shine Serum – and a durable hairspray ready to combat any weather, such as Joico Humidity Blocker Finishing Spray.

If you have natural curl, traveling to these environments is the time to embrace it. A smoothing shampoo and conditioner duo, like Joico Smooth Cure Sulfate-Free Shampoo and Joico Smooth Cure Sulfate-Free Conditioner are designed for curly hair to combat frizz and give control.

Big Cities

If you’re heading to a thriving metropolis like Los Angeles or Atlanta, you’re in for a case of smog, which can easily dull hair. A clarifying shampoo to give hair a thorough detox will help remove toxins absorbed through the environment and keep it happy and shiny. Try Joico K-PAK Clarifying Shampoo.

The Beach

Beach environments might not always feel super humid (thanks, fabulous breezes), but the air is full of salt, which, though aiding the creation of fabulous waves, can dry hair out. Arm yourself with a leave-in conditioner to combat the drying properties daily and boost hair’s shine. Consider Joico K-PAK Reconstruct Leave-In Protectant, which was created to help shield against both styling and environmental damage. In addition, consider products that have sun protection to further prevent damage or discoloration of color-treated hair. The Joico Color Endure Sulfate-Free Duo should do the trick.

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